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11/20/2003: "More photos and my life"

music: MASS Ensemble - Big Jig; Silverchair - Anthem for the Year 2000
mood: Subdued Glee

I left my house this morning to find Falling Snow. Looking toward My Snowy Truck, I realized that this snow was for real. I scraped the snow off the windshild with a piece of cardboard, jumped in, and headed out. Instead of my normal route, I took the less-scary-during-snowstorms-route which isn't as steep or curvaceous. This caused a delay (as did the other cars traveling carefully through the snow), so by the time I made it to I-90 I was already Waiting in Traffic. Normally, I get to I-90 just before the metering turns on. I made it to work 15 minutes late, which was surpirsingly early actually considering. Michael didn't say anything, although I think he wanted to. Its good that he didn't because I had pictures.

At work today, there was a table of 13 ladies that all came wearing red hats to celebrate one of the ladies' 60th birthday parties. They reminded me of the logo of Redhat Linux, because I am a nerd. They left This Mess, that I quickly transferred onto this tray. I then carried that tray to the dishpit (which I just noticed is remarkably similar to "dipshit" - interesting), which led to This Reaction from Jessi.

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