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12/09/2003: "Road Trip Days 6"

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Sorry for the long lack of update. A more leisurely pace actually means we are packing more activities into each day instead of just driving, leaving less time for things like this. Today, however, I have been a man with a mission to update this blog. There are many awesome pictures just waiting for a fast connection to be uploaded. Just hang in there! Here we go...

Day 6 (Saturday, December 06, 2003)

9:16 am Ė 506.0 / 0 miles: We wake up later than planned, but its still pretty early, especially here at Tulane where everyone still seems to be asleep. Iíve called my aunt and uncleís house, where I talked to Marie. She had a meeting starting but will be calling back. Next I called my cousin Kevin (Marie gave me her number), and left a message on his phone to see if Pensacola will be an option. Now, we are headed to the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge.

At the Wildlife Refuge, we take a variety of pictures, have lunch (chicken and rice, yum) and meet a few locals. One man, walking his dog, is interested in Scottís large format camera, and two local teens, one with a truck with hydraulics. We talk about the cold, the trip, coming from Seattle, rice rockets, how bad cops are, and a few other things. Meanwhile, Iíve gotten in touch with Kevin and we agree to watch the Army vs. Navy game at Silky Oí Sulivans, a pub on Decateur St in the French Quarter at 3:00pm. Traveling around, we decide it would be fun to traverse the 28-mile long causeway to New Orleans. It turns out itís a toll road, but traveling on the thing is a trip. For some reason, they built the road at the very widest part of Lake Pontchartrain. We arrive in the French Quarter, locate the bar, and then go to park, which is always a battle. We get lucky on Bienville street again. But first, Scott wants to take a picture of the feel of the French Quarter, so we go find a quiet street and he takes a photo. His view camera gets several comments, one from some old-timers, and one from a local DJ who is looking for good album over art. Next, we head to the bar, where we arenít IDíd, and watch the game, with Navy handily beating Army (the first Division I football team to go 0-13). Navy winning is good, since Kevin is a graduate of the Naval Academy and knows the quarterback. We say our goodbyes, head back to Tulane (Kat is now working on a French paper; we pity her) and watch Legally Blonde (Scott had already seen Men of Honor), a fun and frivolous movie before hitting the sack. Although we didnít go anywhere today, we still rack up 109 or so miles.

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