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12/24/2003: "Tuesday"

music: In The Chamber With Linkin Park - The String Quartet Tribute - Crawling, In The End, Pushing Me Away, Runaway
mood: :-o

Yesterday, I finished the bulk of my shopping. Now all that is left is misundry items for non-family members, and of course, wrapping. On the way back from Seattle, I stopped by the church where a live nativity was being held. It was interesting... mostly because there was one movement invovled in the entire program, so I'm not sure why it was live. But then a hand bell choir performed, some very good songs including Carol Of The Bells and George Winston's Joy. I then left to go to Jeana's party, where a teacher from long ago, Sarah, was. We talked cordially despite my breakdowns and mistreatments of her during my junior year :-/. There were also lts of other people there that I hadn't seen in a long time. We all reconnected, and some of us stayed at Jeana's until 1:00. I picked up the album I am now listening too, and decided that One Step Closer wasn't the right song to start with - its very screechy, but the rest are enjoyable after you get into the paradigm of the string quartet tribute.

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