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01/07/2004: "Months of searching end in fruition"

music: Three Doors Down - Kryptonite
mood: Quietly Content & Contemplative

Ever since I saw the default screen saver that comes with Mac OS X, I have lusted after it. If you have seen it, you probally know what I mean. If you haven't, go to an Apple store to watch it in awe immediately, or you can rely on this woefully inadequate description: high-quality themed photos (space, forests, etc) are faded in and displayed with a slow but smooth scale/zoom and pan effect. The result is a stunning visual show comprised of nothing but some still pictures. I have tried many times to find a screensaver like this for the PC - or a slideshow, movie, or animation program that could duplicate the effect. Nothing came even remotely close - jumpiness and ugly artifacts during resizing were abundant. I tried and gave up many times before. Today, something once again triggered the search, and I stumbled across "MotionPicture," a screensaver that did exactly what I wanted. Now I am collecting nice wallpaper-quality images for this awesome screensaver.

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