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01/21/2004: "Impedence"

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Read the Blog and learn!

Here is the difference between speaker out and line out (credit goes to the original author here):

"Its all a question of impedance, speaker out is expecting a low impedance,
4-32 Ohm object to be stuck on it. Line-out is expecting a high impedance
(I think 1kOhm) object to be stuck on it. If you dont put the correct
matched object on each output you get a loss of signal quality.

With highly strung amps you can actually do damage but the cheap
stuff on a soundcard is pretty immune. Also a PC soundcard
generates so much noise that the increase by the impedance mismatch
is hardly noticeably. Normally all I really see is a drop in
frequency response."


"Impedence" is the ratio of voltage to current - similar to, but not exactly resistance. Read more about it here if you are interested.

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