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03/02/2004: "Lasagne"

music: Depeche Mode - Taking A Ride With My Best
mood: Satiated

I just made and ate some LasagneÖ it was incredibly good. Itís also the first beef Iíve had in a home-cooked meal since the holidays. Iím pretty sure that itís all right to die early if I can always be this well satisfied. Like that one commercial on the radio says, if youíre going to be healthy by eating tofu, maybe youíll live another ten years, but youíll just have to eat tofu for another ten years. Of course, Iím young now and not exactly totally aware of my mortality despite numerous close calls, so maybe when my clogged arteries are the thing threatening my life, Iíll have a different opinion. But hopefully, I wonít, because I will be able to reflect on a life well lived.

Now, I suppose it is time to go and live that life worth looking back on. First on the itinerary is travel tomorrow evening to Portland, Oregon, for the 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition Pacific Northwest Regional Competition. It is the first regional this year, so we will be setting the bar for all the other regionals. And if everything goes well, the TRC will finally bring home a well-deserved championship trophy and gold metals.

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