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03/08/2004: "All-nighter"

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I don't know why I just pulled an all-nighter. I started when Bob asked me to post pictures from the regional. Then I just never got around to going to bed. Mostly, I read posts on Chief Delphi's forums for the entire night. There was some use in that, but with a Calc midterm on Wednesday, and a photography project due the same day, and finals eminent, I really could have used the sleep instead.

But thats not the big news. The big news is that the Titan Robotics Club won the 2004 Pacific Northwest Regional of the FIRST Robotics Competition. The final matchup was grueling - it included a tie, a loss, a win, 4 false starts, and finally another win. The opponents were very worthy indeed, but in the last match they had broken down and were unable to make repairs in time.

Go to the Titan Robotics Website, winner of the Website award at the PNW regional two years in a row, for pictures and news on the club.

This is what I had to say to the club:

Way to go guys! By the way, these most recent accomplishments continue a trend of excellence that the TRC started in 2001:

2004 Pacific Northwest Regional Champions
2004 PNW Website Award
2003 PNW Website Award
2003 PNW Finalists
2003 PNW Inspiration in Engineering Award
2003 Silicon Valley KPCB Entrepreneurship Award
2002 PNW Finalists
2002 South California Regional Judges Award
2001 Championship Event Play of the Day Award (Galileo Division)
2001 Silicon Valley Rookie All-Star Award

And yes, that does mean we have won an award at every FIRST event we have ever attented. :)

Unfortunately, we are still looking for a perrenial sponsor. :(

Now lets go get some more money.

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