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03/11/2004: "Sleep Deprivation"

mood: Tired

Dave let me know about an internship opening at Microvision, maker of heads up display systems and barcode canning systems. The position is as a software tester, and I believe I am well-qualified despite my not having completed a computer science degree. With the good word of Dave, I already have an interview scheduled tomorrow at 1:30. I need to get some sleep so I'm not too much of a zombie then, but tonight Blockbuster did a physical inventory and then I played some counterstrike, where I started out slow but picked things up till I was taking out an entire team of terrorists (5 players) on my own after the rest of my team died... accusations of cheating quickly followed. The only way to deal with that really is to agree that you are cheating, but not in so few words. Then they mostly shut up.

I had an appointment with Kent Chaplin, of Chaplin's Automotive Group, today, but he had to cancel, so I will have to arrange another time to show him the video (available at the TRC's Website) and hit him up with my plan for Subaru and/or Volkswagon to donote $50,000 or so to the TRC.

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