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03/27/2004: "Not the Proc, the MoBo!"

music: Bush - Mouth, Linkin Park - Plc.4 Mie Haed, Social Distortion - Story of My Life,

Well, the computer thing is certainly taking its time. I went back to Harddrives Northwest to get a new processor and ended up leaving with a new processor and a new mother board. I got things installed, took my time figuring out some things (like the fact that the radeon requires its own power connector), and made it more quickly through the things I figured out yesterday. I fianlly got the system up al the way to the point that it can boot. In fact, it has booted windows xp installer, but now I have just learned that I'll need to install a Flppy to get my RAID disks running under Windows. Thats pretty annoying, you would think that they could actaully get some sort of abstration going on, but no, we need low level drivers for everything. So I'm going to working on this project for a few more days if I don't just give up and return it all sometime next week. It all depends on my luk getting my two 80 gb hard drives wroking together in RAID mode 1, striving for additional disk bandwidth. It should be good. Not I'm practically falling asleeo here so its time for me to go

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