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04/18/2004: "End of a Streak, Begin of a New Era"

music: Deblah Morgan - Dance with Me, Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood
mood: Mixed, rested

Well, the TRC didn't win in Atlanta... They didn't win anything in fact, making this the first event out of eight that the TRC has not won an award at. So the streak comes to an end... which is a bitter pill to swallow. That was one of my favorite statistics to quote about the club.

On the other hand, a new era may be starting for the club - more people are interested, and for the first time since the first year, it looks like girls are going to be in the club leadership. And more people seem to be catching the idea that very cool thing can be done with the club. I hope the momentum stays up.

I'm currently in Salt Lake City, having accepted a $400 voucher to change flights. AndI'm about to board, so I'm outta here!

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