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05/02/2004: "Not So Much"

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Occasionally, I run into a blog like Ludicrous Speed!. I learned about this particular one from Bobby after we talked about how bad the new trailer made ďI RobotĒ look. Basically, they have taken Asimovís classic robotics series and turned it into a high-budget on everything except faithfulness to the original story tion knock off. Turns out that it is very well stated on the particular blog, here.

Just like Bernieís Site, this is another one where the layout is impressive and the commentary seems sculpted to perfection. So, since I tend to give up on ventures in which I donít excel (an unfortunate consequence of the way I am), why do I continue to plug away at this blog when clearly Iím not excelling, or een meeting the standard for goodness? Heck, that isnít even a good word!

The reason for my persistence is that this isnít about you guys (sorry!). Its about e and needing to say things. And even though I admittedly do edit it for content (not-so-sorry!) its one of the most candid windows to my life that anyone has. An d that does something good for me. And as strangely wonderful that it is that a lot of my friends read this, and that even people I donít know read it (thanks Bernie!) Iím pretty sure it will continue to lean much more towards a stream-of-consciousness style than trying to present any particularly useful or thoughtful information (although occasionally you may see something useful, because I happened to be thinking about it at the time).

I actaully wrote this several hours earlier today, but somehow it didn't get posted.

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