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06/12/2004: "Got Gmail?"

music: Screaming Trees - Shadow Of The Season
mood: Yawnish

Having friends in high places is very nice. For example, I recieved an invitation to Gmail last night - which I hear is a highly coveted thing. So I had to brag about it a little bit. And I'm already being courted for when I get my first invitations... even though I don't have any idea really how the invitation system works. But thats beside the point. The point is, Gmail is the best webmail ever, as far as I an tell. Except for pop3 support, it has all the gadgets that other webmails have, for free, and even more - and by even more I ean things such as autocompleting addresses - something which I never would have expected from web mail. But Gmail is different from ordinary web mail. As Tim said (who coincidentally wants an invite... :-):
"Gmail is the start of a new era of computing, internet applications.
Sucessful integration of internet applications to computers will mean
that your data can be reached from anywhere the internet is availiable.
Gmail is the start of this revolution by providing an easy to use, high
quality and large storage email provider. Once gmail supports POP3
access, it will be complete."
Well said, Tim! It looks like your work in the TRC is beginning to pay off :-)

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