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06/22/2004: "Seattle Robotics"

If you are bored, go check out this update for the SRS site and tell me what you think. Then compare it to the current page. I think its better, but then, I'm not so hot on the whole beautification part of things. I think the text links could use some CSS beautification. Any suggestions?

That was my main project after a slow and frustrating day at work. I expect tomorrow to go better.

In other news, on a leisurely lunch break I took from work, I saw two (2) RX-8's in the parking lot. One was a nice sparkly red, but it was an automatic. The other was sleek black, a manual. I think I'd go with a sparkly red with the manual transmission and the sunroof. The RX-8 is such a nice car! I'll try to remember my camera next time.

Oh, and Terriyaki, etc! in Bothell competes well with Fuji Terriyaki in Bellevue, I have discovered. The prices aren't quite as good, but the tastes are slightly better, from my latest experience. I am happy.

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on Tuesday, June 22nd, Bernie Zimmermann said

You should try "I Luv Teriyaki" in Kirkland. It's the best teriyaki I've had this side of Bonney Lake.

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