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Monday, March 29th

The Strangest Problem Ever

music: Ben Fold's Five - Brick, Kidrock - Only God Knows Why
mood: Yawnable

Yesterday, I went to Creighton's, got my comuter working, then watched the Passion of the Chirst with Scott, who went home today. The movie was extremely well done and is the first movie of this type that I've seen that oens't back away from the violence involved at all. I didn't sense anti-semitism. I handled it alrght, and thinking about it, I think I may want to see it again.

Today, it was a relatively busy Sunday - Missed some church, but made it in eventually. I dressed up a little mroe than suual. Next, i went to a LAN party at Tim's to try out the new ocmputer. It worked well. Then I helped out with the "Behold the Man" Production at my church. Then I returned home to play some CS and found the performance of my machine significantly downgraded. I thoguht maybe I got a virus at the lan party. So i reinstalled from scratch since I didn't have uch time invested into the computer yet. But that didnt' solve the problem. I cheked for overheaing, for loose cards, etc. But its even stranger. The problem is that whenever my mouse is plugged into my USB hub, the cmputer takes about 70% of its cycles when i move the mouse. If I move the mouse to any ther USB port, no CPU cycles are consumed. Its extremely confusing - I've never heard of this happening before. If you have, let me know!

School starts again tomorrow, and I'm up way too late already, especially since I still need to by books. But first, some CS with a framerate that doesn't drop below 99.9 even with smoke grenades...
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Saturday, March 27th

The Grand Plan

music: Sponge - Wax Estatic (To Sell Angelina), STP - Creep, U2 - Mission Impossible, System of a Down - Toxicity
mood: Doggedly Jivin'

Inspiration hit me today while doing the final "Behold the Man" Church Easter program rehearsal. It had very little to do with the program (except, perhaps, for the laptops we are using to run the multimedia presentation). But here the plan is:

1. Get the new computer up and running (It also needs a name)
2. Transfer from sf2 (500 MHz PIII) to oasis (600 MHz Athlon)
3. Load Windows onto sf2 for Mom
4. Reclaim Mobius (Athlon XP-M 2400+) for myself
5. Have Mobius repaired at Fry's per the extended protection plan I got (serial port and power supply connection)
6. Transfer Kleinoscope (P4 2.8 GHz) to Dad ($1300-$1600 value)
7. Get Horatio (IBM THinkpad PII 300) from Dad once transition is complete ($100-$300 value)
8. Get Saturn from Dad once he gets a new vehicle ($1000-$1300 value)
9. Turn Horatio into a Linux machine (Rename to Blackbrick II?)

Thats the grand plan. It would leave me with:
-New computer (yet to be named, but I just thought of "Kleidoscope," since it is colorful)
-Mobius as my laptop (comlete with serial port for programming, which Kleinoscope lacks)
-oasis as
-BlackBrickII for Wardriving and Linux fun
-A car with a radio that gets 40 mpg instead of a truck that gets 10 mpg with no radio

My Dad's computer is significantly upgraded, so he should be happy

My mom likes the laptop, but she never bought it, so I still can claim ownership. And I'll be getting her a nice computer to use. And I'll be paying for my own gas, which should make it worthwhile to her.

Now, the problem is the first two steps which will make all the other steps possible.

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Not the Proc, the MoBo!

music: Bush - Mouth, Linkin Park - Plc.4 Mie Haed, Social Distortion - Story of My Life,

Well, the computer thing is certainly taking its time. I went back to Harddrives Northwest to get a new processor and ended up leaving with a new processor and a new mother board. I got things installed, took my time figuring out some things (like the fact that the radeon requires its own power connector), and made it more quickly through the things I figured out yesterday. I fianlly got the system up al the way to the point that it can boot. In fact, it has booted windows xp installer, but now I have just learned that I'll need to install a Flppy to get my RAID disks running under Windows. Thats pretty annoying, you would think that they could actaully get some sort of abstration going on, but no, we need low level drivers for everything. So I'm going to working on this project for a few more days if I don't just give up and return it all sometime next week. It all depends on my luk getting my two 80 gb hard drives wroking together in RAID mode 1, striving for additional disk bandwidth. It should be good. Not I'm practically falling asleeo here so its time for me to go
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Friday, March 26th

Maybe a bad proc

mood: Defeated

Today I bought a new computer. I got a snazzy case, an ASUS P4P800 Deluxe MoBo, and P4 2.8 GHz Extreme Edition (1 Mb Cache) and a gig of PC3200 (DDR400) RAM. But it doesn't work. And I think its the processor. The reason I think this is that, without the processor installed, the mother bord tells me "No CPU. System Failed CPU Test. No CPU. System failed CPU test," which is exactly what it is supposed to do. However, when the processor is properly installed with the incredibly-hard-to-maneuver heatsink/fan combo, the system start up, says nothing, and then begins the terrible two-tone warning beep, which continues indefinitely until I power off. I left everything else (except hard drives and cd drives and front-of-case USB ports plugged in, so I'm pretty sure the problem is with the processor.

ITs really late and I have one more day of 7:00am work, so I must be to sleep now.
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Tuesday, March 23rd

The computer

music: Eve 6 - Inside Out, Three Doors Down - Looser, Tool - Sober
mood: Downmixed

I've started intensive research into the new computer - it looks like it is the first project that will get completed. I've tenatively decided to stay away from the 64 bit offerings until the market there stabilizes and prices come down. So I'm looking at a Barton Core Athlon XP 3200+ and a MoBo with an Nvidia Nforce2 Ultra 400 or Via KT880 chipset, dual channel PC 3200 DDR DIMMS (probally 2x512Mb), a nice looking case and a sturdy power fupply. I'm probally going to throw in an ATA controller as well so I don't have to pick and choose among my hard drives, dvd roms, cd burners, etc.

I need to get to sleep earlier if I am to be productive at work. Its a good job. They seem to like the work I've been doing so far. Tomorrow I'm leaving early to do more work on Tim's robot, then its off to a Beth's birthday party. Thursday, Bobby, Creighton, and I are going computer buying, then, presumably, computer building. Maybe on Thursday I'll rebuild Kleinoscope as well, get it working up to snuff again with updated drivers and all that good stuff, then see if I want to keep it or go back to Mobius. Both are fine computers, but neither will be able to compare to the new guy, which I will have to come up with a name for here. Suggestions are welcome.

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Monday, March 22nd

Projects Galore

music: Joan Jett- I love Rock and Roll, Mamas & Papas - California Dreamin', Charlotte Church - What Child is This, Weezer - Say It Ain't So, Smashing Pumpkins - Thru the Eyes of Ruby, Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery, Smashing Pumpkins - Zero, U2 - Stuck in a Moment,
mood: Pretty good

Good music lifts my mood. I'm glad I decided to pull out the iPod and listen to some of my good music - I've been missing my music since Davis still has my firewire cable. Now its back, and I'm glad. As the title of this post sugests, I have many projects going on right now. I thought I would give an update on them.

Tim's Senior Porject Combat Robot
Today was my first real day working on the combat robot. For the first part of the session, we mostly just played with fire, because the robot's main weapon is going to be a flamethrower. In order for it to be effective, we want to make it more like a blow torch, so after trying some venturis that Larry suggested, I drew on my paintball experience to create a positive pressure air feed system. The muffin fan we tried the first time didn't work so well, and the compressed air was way too powerful, but the FIRST robot's compressor with a tube into which the fuel was fed about 3/4 of the tube length away from the end seemed to work very well for a strong blow torch effect. Feeling successful but hungry, we went to eat, and then returned to think about and work on the drive train. Now much work got done, but Tim and I figured out the main chasis (just a 2"x4" thick wall aluminum tube down the center, to which the drivetrain will be bolted). The details will come.

New Desktop Computer
I purchased from Tim an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro, and now all I need to to is buy the rest of the computer to put around it. I wanted to go to Fry's today, but it looks like that'll be a trip for tomorrow after work.

Work is going well. I go in early all week, so I have to get to bed real soon here. Going in early, of course, means getting out early as well, so I have lots of daylight to have fun by, for example, shopping at Fry's. All the non-disclosure agreements I signed means I can't yet tell you much about what I'm doing, since its all propreitary information not yet released to the public. But I should be writing up some troubleshooting guide for the Flic Wireless barcode scanner that will eventually become public, so maybe I can post that info at some point. But don't hold your breath.
Moving over to oasis-as-server running Gentoo is more or less stalled right now. Its amazing how much something working well enough is an incentive to not change things. Despite being on the backburner, however, this one is still on the list. Currently, Apache, MySQL, and PHP are all installed. I still need to get the Apache logs parsed out to the proper domain directories, and set up secure email, ftp, and web servers, get web mail working, and set up a secure VPN with a Samba server for long-distance file sharing for windows (for my mp3 collection remotely, primarily). If you would like to help with the project, let me know.

DARPA Grand Challenge 2006
This is a very long-term goal right now. The first step is the SRA's (Seattle Robotics Association, formerly SRSoceity) Mini Grand Challenge, which will involve navigating to orange cones located around the Seattle Center sometime later this year. In order to prove my concept of machine vision's ability to find orange objects to naysaying Bob, we took some pictures of an Orange shirt of mine in various lighting conditions from way overexposed to way dark. In all cases except one (where the shirt was mostly black it was so underexposed), my machine vision technique (really just a photoshop action script) worked. I think using a regular digital camera and algorithms like photoshop's, it should be fairly easy to navigate towards orange objects in a variety of lighting conditions.
Also, I got the names of people from Subaru, VW, and GMC from Mr. Chaplin, so now I need to put together a two-year plan that describes how the $1,000,000 I will be asking them for will be used to win the Grand Challenge with one of their vehicles (modified for drive by wire and for travelling in desert terrain, of course).

Laptop questions
I like my old laptop better than my current laptop. The only reason I use my current laptop is that its techincally faster. But I think I will be trading back. This laptop needs a reinstall from scratch anyway, so I will trade it for the one my mom is now using, which is the one I liked better anyway. And Mobius (the old laptop) has a serial port for programming robots as well. And 2400+ Athlon's are still really fast, just not quite a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4. But I like how Mobius is lighter weight and better balanced and goes to sleep properly and... Well, I just like it better!

Those are all I can think of right now, but I bet there are more even!

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Sunday, March 21st

Last Days

music: I wish I had my firewire cable back blues
mood: Level

Today was my last shift at Blockbuster. I had a pretty good time talking to the customers, coercing them to buy popcorn as the active seller, and flirting with hot girls. It was fun. The girls is what I'll miss the most about Blockbuster, actually. Microvision is rather dominated with men. Afterwards, I went to see "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind," an interesting film with lots of space for interpretation. If you are well grounded and want to think, go see it.

I'm still wroking on this early schedule thing. Maybe dinner tomorrow with Scott, Dan, & Family. I don't share quite everything here either.
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Saturday, March 20th


mood: Tired

Life is pretty good. My last Blockbuster shift is tomorrow, its midnight and I'm tired, Math final went well, I was 8th at BCC int eh AMATYC test, Photo Finals went decently, and life is pretty good. TRC is getting lots of money, but so far its mostly internal. We really need external donors. Enter Kent Chaplin, who gave em the names and numbers of representitives of GM, VW, and Subaru in the US. This weeekend, I get to come up with an action lan for talking to them about big time sponsorship of the TRC.

Like I said, I'm tried. Night.
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Monday, March 15th

Graduation vs. Steel Conflcit

mood: Stressed

Today was my first day oif work at Microvision. I filled out a lot of paperwork, took the tour, and actually did some testing. Found a problem too, but due to NDA's galore, I don't think I'm going to tell you anything more about that. Things went well overall.

Tomorrow, I'm spending most of the day in the photo lab printing up my final project.

And now, on to the title piece. My brother's graduation from college and Steel Conflict are the same weekend. I almost gave up the graduation to attend the battlebot-like event, but I talked to Tim today, who is heading the battle bot project, and thought some more, and so I will go to my brother's graduation and miss the first half of the competition.

The math midterm indeed did not go well - I got another 77. I can still pull an A- in the class by doing 140 or better out of 150 on the final. I plan on it.

Keeping it short and simple, since so much is going on.
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mood: Dopey

While photographizing with Dan on Saturday night, I was drivng in the Saturn on eastgate way under the BCC overpass when a water baloon hit the windshield. It culprits got away, despite our calling of 911, and the windsheilf got cracked badly. I continued to photographize, just not in that same location.

"An armed society is a polite society"

USP or 1911 + Night Vision are on the shopping list

Next time, those punks better worry about more than leaving before the cops get there

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Saturday, March 13th


music: Chevelle - The Red, Metalica - Fade to Black, Trapt - Headstrong, Weezer - Say It Ain't So
mood: Pretty good

According to JD, the Blockbuster District leader over my store, Blockbuster employees are not allowed to let anyone else use the videos that we check out on our account. I say to that phooey! If its on my account, I'm still responsible for any late and missing movies, and how is it any of Blockbuster's business what I do with the movies I rent after I walk out of the store? As a customer said, I could spin it like a top if I wanted. Of course, Jon pointed out that it is an employee benefit, so Blockbuster can determine the conditions of the benefit. On the other hand, I don't get much benefit out of it unless I can allow my friends to use my rentals... In fact, JD's last meeting with our store really left me with a bad taste in my mouth about Blockbuster in general. Lakemont has been identified as a "SWAT" store, which basically means a lot of stuff, gets stolen from us. And since 70% of theft is internal, we're all being treated like suspects, getting new background checks (although I just had my hiring criminal background check two weeks ago...), and having to sign zero-tolerance theft paperwork, which I technically violated by letting a friend use one of my rentals. And I do feel a little bad about that, because it was not a thing of integrity. The honest thing to do would be to refuse to sign the new theft policy paperwork given my new understanding of the regulations. Of course, this was before Microvision hired me, and I did the rental thing after I got hired. Itís amazing how much job security changes one's outlook.

I went to the Puget Sound Blood center today, since they called me a few days ago to schedule an appointment. It turns out they were off by nine days, since Iím not eligible to donate again until the 22nd. It was a fun drive, since it is such a beautiful day, and I was singing in the truck most of the way there. On the Trip, I also came up with an idea for my final project for photography. Iím thinking of doing either Night Shots or a combination of day and nighttime shots. Then I will mount them on white and black paper or cloth. In fact, I think Iíll start taking the day pictures now, in case I decide to use them.

The TRC is getting some great news as a result of winning the PNW regional. Sponsors seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Well, not entirely, but the ASB suddenly gave $5,000 unexpectedly, and a map software company looking for name recognition may do the same. At Chaplinís, Iím going to ask him to talk to Subaru and Volkswagen about corporate sponsorships for the Club or FIRST in general. Things are looking good for us. And nationals are right around the corner. As is my brotherís graduation, Steel Conflict, and lots of school.

Speaking of school, I got this really good idea recently. One of my classmates in my Math class is doing some independent study of a math class not normally offered at BCC. Iím going to talk to her to figure out how she accomplished that, then ask my current professor, who I like a lot, if he might be willing to guide me through independent study of linear algebra (not being offered next quarter), and differential equations (being offered, but Iíve heard bad things about the professor). And maybe thereís some more math I can learn in the meantime. Then my scheduled classes will be tennis and soccer, and maybe photographyÖ still have to figure that one out. Dan is taking Photography II through BCCís continuing education program, which reportedly has access to a much nicer darkroom. I figure I might as well get my art electives out of the way so I can take ďrealĒ classes (that is, toward a technical degree to be determined) once I get to the UW (knock on wood).

And that brings me to the final subject (I think), which is this Microvision Internship. For Larry, a mentor of mine, it was an internship that got him motivated enough to make most of his classes a breeze. He actually realized he was better at what he did than most of the people already in the field, and everything came pretty easy after that. Iím hoping for a similar experience here. But even if I donít like the work, it will be valuable information for me to use in my search for what the heck Iím going to do with my life.

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Friday, March 12th

No so hot

music: Eve 6 - Open Road Song, Jesus Nitelite,
mood: Mixed

The Math midterm didn't go so well... I ran out of time because I didn't know how to do everything immediately. Given some time to take the practice tests, I probally would have done a lot better, as Rich did. Its an unfortunate way to end such an incredible week, but then I can't have everything work out. And I have a week to get things pulled together for the final, and I think I might still be able to eek out an A in the class. In photography, I have to figure out if I'm going to take Photo 3 next quarter... my photo 1 teacher thinks that I am good enough.

Kevin, from my Bellevue Club days, gave me a call today. It was good to hear from him again. He's now working at Met Life and he's putting together a soccer team that I may be part of, and holding some seminars that I'm invited to. Add that to the list of things I'm doing in April. Exciting times.

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Sleep is Good

mood: Anticipatory

I slept from about 6:00 pm last night to about 8:30 this morning.... thats over 14 hours. It was wonderful. Now I'm just going to eat breakfast, do some last minute studying for my calculus midterm, and then go ace that bad boy at 10:30...

I haven't had much music recently recause the firewire cable to my external harddrive with all my tunes is being loaned to someone for DV editing purposes. I may have to invest in another. Also, I need to finish transitioning to oasis as silverfir. Right now that is a stalled project.

So much good stuff to do!

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Thursday, March 11th

Microvision Internship and soooooo Tired

music: Linkin Park - Numb
mood: Pumped & Jazzed

I interviewed today for the Software Test Intern position at Microvision. About an hour ago, I recieved a call with the good news that they were offering me the job. I start Monday and I am very excited. I will be working in the Flic division, which are portable wireless barcode scanners and application, testing out the scanners in pretty much every concievable manner possible.

I am terribly tired, and I think I need to sleep if I am going to think normally ever again, which would be useful for the calculus midterm I have tomorrow.

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Sleep Deprivation

mood: Tired

Dave let me know about an internship opening at Microvision, maker of heads up display systems and barcode canning systems. The position is as a software tester, and I believe I am well-qualified despite my not having completed a computer science degree. With the good word of Dave, I already have an interview scheduled tomorrow at 1:30. I need to get some sleep so I'm not too much of a zombie then, but tonight Blockbuster did a physical inventory and then I played some counterstrike, where I started out slow but picked things up till I was taking out an entire team of terrorists (5 players) on my own after the rest of my team died... accusations of cheating quickly followed. The only way to deal with that really is to agree that you are cheating, but not in so few words. Then they mostly shut up.

I had an appointment with Kent Chaplin, of Chaplin's Automotive Group, today, but he had to cancel, so I will have to arrange another time to show him the video (available at the TRC's Website) and hit him up with my plan for Subaru and/or Volkswagon to donote $50,000 or so to the TRC.

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Tuesday, March 9th

I did surprising well considering no sleep. I plan on sleeping tonight, I've been lsightly out of it all day, and I slept a bit while Rich did the real work on the calculus homework. I need to be strong tomorrow to finish off my photography assignment and, perhaps, attend the republican caucauses.

Other than being nearly stoned all day, it was pretty uneventful. I stocked all sorts of canday at work, so stop by and see my handiwork sometime. Windows Movie Maker keeps crashing (due to DivX?) so I have to invest in a real solution. Perhaps Pinnacle? Larry seems to like it.

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Monday, March 8th


music: Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel - Ave Maria, Silverchair - Tomorrow, Brigham Young Univeristy Musical Groups - Battle Hymn of the Republic (Jazz Legacy Dixieland Band),
mood: Tired

I don't know why I just pulled an all-nighter. I started when Bob asked me to post pictures from the regional. Then I just never got around to going to bed. Mostly, I read posts on Chief Delphi's forums for the entire night. There was some use in that, but with a Calc midterm on Wednesday, and a photography project due the same day, and finals eminent, I really could have used the sleep instead.

But thats not the big news. The big news is that the Titan Robotics Club won the 2004 Pacific Northwest Regional of the FIRST Robotics Competition. The final matchup was grueling - it included a tie, a loss, a win, 4 false starts, and finally another win. The opponents were very worthy indeed, but in the last match they had broken down and were unable to make repairs in time.

Go to the Titan Robotics Website, winner of the Website award at the PNW regional two years in a row, for pictures and news on the club.

This is what I had to say to the club:

Way to go guys! By the way, these most recent accomplishments continue a trend of excellence that the TRC started in 2001:

2004 Pacific Northwest Regional Champions
2004 PNW Website Award
2003 PNW Website Award
2003 PNW Finalists
2003 PNW Inspiration in Engineering Award
2003 Silicon Valley KPCB Entrepreneurship Award
2002 PNW Finalists
2002 South California Regional Judges Award
2001 Championship Event Play of the Day Award (Galileo Division)
2001 Silicon Valley Rookie All-Star Award

And yes, that does mean we have won an award at every FIRST event we have ever attented. :)

Unfortunately, we are still looking for a perrenial sponsor. :(

Now lets go get some more money.

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Wednesday, March 3rd


music: Silverchair - Emotion Sickness
mood: excited

Check out is a very detailed, and as far as I can tell, objective, sumary of the Iraq WMD question. There are many declassified documents that, from my cursory look, show that while those who had access to them could not be sure that Iraq had WMD, made it pretty clear that Iraq had the capibility and will to make them, and free of inspectors (as it they were from 1998-2002), could have restarted many of its WMD programs.

My conclusion: The Bush administration was not precise with the facts - many unknowns were portrayed as truths, and counterevidence was concealed. These tactics were undoubtably to bring the American people around to support the initial invasion. However, it is also easy to see what the administration was afraid of, and why they thought it was so neccesary to go to war in the first place. Certianly, they didn't know that there were WMD in Iraq, but I think they did believe in the existence of the WMD. Furthermore, give me one politician today who hasn't overstated the facts and I will be forever endebted to you. This is not an excuse, simply a political reality in today's America.

The real questions that need to be asked are these:
"Is the world better off for Operation Iraqi Freedom?" (I say yes; if you disagree let me know why)
"If so, was it worth the price?" (We have yet to see the real price, and real gains that might come of this... the jury is still out).
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Tuesday, March 2nd


music: Depeche Mode - Taking A Ride With My Best
mood: Satiated

I just made and ate some LasagneÖ it was incredibly good. Itís also the first beef Iíve had in a home-cooked meal since the holidays. Iím pretty sure that itís all right to die early if I can always be this well satisfied. Like that one commercial on the radio says, if youíre going to be healthy by eating tofu, maybe youíll live another ten years, but youíll just have to eat tofu for another ten years. Of course, Iím young now and not exactly totally aware of my mortality despite numerous close calls, so maybe when my clogged arteries are the thing threatening my life, Iíll have a different opinion. But hopefully, I wonít, because I will be able to reflect on a life well lived.

Now, I suppose it is time to go and live that life worth looking back on. First on the itinerary is travel tomorrow evening to Portland, Oregon, for the 2004 FIRST Robotics Competition Pacific Northwest Regional Competition. It is the first regional this year, so we will be setting the bar for all the other regionals. And if everything goes well, the TRC will finally bring home a well-deserved championship trophy and gold metals.

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Locked out

music: Candlebox - Far Behind, Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright,
mood: Whirlydig

I locked myself out of my truck when I went to take pictures outside my house... so not my backback and my extra film is in there, making it rather difficult to get some planned things done until another key arrives. Fortunately, I am not working today, so at least I don't have any pressing time committments, but now I can't upload pictures and videos from the practice robotics competition like I was going to, shoot another roll for the abstract assignment, study my calculus textbook... At least its a beautiful day.

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Monday, March 1st

Good Music and Good Times

music: Alice in Chains - Don't Follow, Bush - Greedy Fly

As requested I have put up some of the photos I have taken over the years with my SLR.

"Don't Follow" by Alice in Chains should have been included on their greatest hits CD, perhaps as a bonus track if nothing else. Its an incredible song, and so different from the rest. The End played it - while I do miss Linkin Park there, I can get plenty on my own, and without their new format, I never would have heard this song again, and would have been forgotten forever.

Lakemont Blockbuster closes at 11:00, which is very nice indeed - makes for another blog entry at least.

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Deals and uh-ohs.

music: Wallflowers - 6th Avenue Heartache
mood: Subdued

An actual screenshot from my desktop today, seen when I tired to empty my recycle bin...

Best deal ever?
Two double cheeseburgers at McDonalds, $2.19 after tax. Pretty sweet.

Working tonight, early class tomorrow... this is probally the last you'll hear from me today.
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