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Sunday, November 30th

The Last Few Days

music: Cranberries - Zombie; Pachabel - Canon in D
mood: looking up

Woke up late - went to a short opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors, then dropped the brother off at the Airport. Next, my dad and I exchanged my V60i phone for the T720, got the wireless internet working - only at 8kbps, however - and then returned home to have dinner with Scott and family, then to talk about the roadtrip. It pretty quickly turned into essentially 5 on 1, with his mom alone. We kept it civil, and I didn't talk much, not completely unrelated occurences.

It looks like we'll be leaving Monday morning, and Florida is out. :-/
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Thursday, November 27th

Turkey Day!

music: 311 - Beautiful Disaster;
mood: itching

Turkey day has come and gone. Got up at 8:20, did breakfast, then went down to Newport High for the annual Turkey Bowl. Returned home, cleaned my room, watched Cowboys loose to the Dolphins, then made mashed potatoes and had an incredible dinner dozed, and chatted. Fun day.

Yesterday, Amy wasn't feeling well, so I ended up leading the girls to Larry's house where they got to do drilling, riveting, bandsawing, chopsawing, and soldering. It went well.

Dialup speeds suck.
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Wednesday, November 26th

Day in Review

music: Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
mood: Drippy

The neighbors seem to have changed their wiresless configuration somehow; the result is that I am stuck with dialup speeds at my place of residence until I move to the UW probally. Still, any sort of access is better than none at all, and I can always go the Creighton's or Amy's or the office when I need speed.

Today, I woke up, went to the school where I met Amy and we got materials for tomorrow's power tools workshop, then we looked for the place that a friend of mine works for (unsuccessfully), then we went to her house and wrote grants, revamped the TRC forums, and a multitude of other things. We spent a total of 13 hours straight together. Craziness!

Had a good couple of chats with Kat at Tulane. She's fun.
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Monday, November 24th

Day in Review

music: Phantom of the Opera - All I Ask
mood: Yawnerable

Woke up mid morning, had breakfast, went to office where I discovered I don't know how to reset the counter on Xerox's J7 cartridge. Its the current $400 question. Next, I ordered and picked up Domino's Pizza, went to the school, met with Amy, Deborah Bach and a photographer (I don't remember her name, I think it starts with a J though) from the PI. We talked, she interviewed for an hour and a half, many pictures were taken, and tomorrow we should see a good article about the TRC. After this, I got a case for my phone and a case for my camera, then went home, started dinner, chatted, ate dinner, and now I'm getting ready for sleep. Not too exciting, but I did get some useful things done.
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Late schedule

music: Linkin Park - Crawling; Three Doors Down - Kryptonite
mood: Digestive

One thing that Polaris did for me was keep me on a healty earlier schedule. Sure I was late a lot, but never by more than 30 miuntes and usally just a few. Now I stay up consistently past 1 and don't wake up until around noon. Not the best lifestyle.

Today, I went to church, then to the Sonics game at the Key Arena with the McIvor's (I took Kellie's spot due to her working at Starbucks). The game was fairly lackluster - it was 36-24 at the half. The Washington Wizards came back and led late in the game, but the Sonics got their act together and made the last 17 seconds pretty long and exciting - and in the end a win is a win.

The cell phones started working today at verious times. I like mine. The coverage is pretty good - inside the house is spotty, but seems to work in my room. I dropped one call on Forest drive so far, but otherwise its been pretty crystal clear. Can't wait to get the data adapter and ditch this modem (I'm on the modem right now; wireless internet isn't cooperating right now.)
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Sunday, November 23rd


music: Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon
mood: Jivin'

UW def. WSU - Not entirely happy about that, even though I am usally a Husky fan - I wanted another PAC-10 team in the BCS.
USC def. UCLA - A good result
Oklahoma Rolls - For some reasons I don't have a problem with this like I do with Miami when they're #1
Utah def. BYU - 3-0 score. How ridiculous is that? Coach Crowton sure took a nice franchise and ran it into the ground pretty well after a strong first year. This game breaks a 28-year home non-shutout streak.

Slept in Way late - 1:00. Flew plane, broke it again. Went shopping for cell phones - after hours, and a trip to Costco, ended up getting Cingular family plan with four phones from this dude (hopefully Ben doesn't read my blog often, its a surprise for him) with a national plan. Cingular has good national coverage (though not the best), good rates (though not the best), rollover (the best), and we are told, the best coverage in Washington, although we will find out how true that is tomorrow when the phones come online. I'm getting a data cable so I can use my phone as a modem, using just plan minutes (I'll use the night and weekends for this) to update this blog while I'm on the road.

So I'm set for my road trip. And Florida had better be on the itenerary.
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My Friday

music: Linkin Park - Runaway (Live in Texas);
mood: Guarded glee

Friday was last day of work at two jobs. At Polaris, I arrived significantly early for the first time ever, walking in at 6:45. Maura, my replacement (I'm sorry for her already), was late for the first time in a long time. The result was that I had a chance to eat an eggs benedict graciously made by our morning sous chef, Jennifer. Maura arrived, and I began showing her what I did - the whole morning routine, the things Michael tends to look for, my general philosophy about how to please boss and coworkers, and so on. The day was pretty busy during lunch, but with Maura and Patrick (hosting, but also a part time SA) there, I got to slack off pretty well. After a good family meal, Joey made me a burger to cap the day off. I then went to the office and then home, then to blockbuster from 5-9. I was on till the entire time, so it went quickly. During my 15 minute break, I went to Target, browsed, and found that Linkin Park had released another album, Live in Texas. I then went home and revelled in the feeling of freedom while contemplating the feeling of insecurity that comes with being unemployeed, while watching the DVD of Linkin Park live in Texas (quite good), and working on replacing the wing on my plane.
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Thursday, November 20th

Screwed up sleep cycle

music: Zombie Nation
mood: vaguely concerned

I now sleep from about 5-10 pm, then from 5-6 am... not very good, but it will all be over soon. Maybe, Scott says, we won't be going as far as Florida. Whatever, dood.
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More photos and my life

music: MASS Ensemble - Big Jig; Silverchair - Anthem for the Year 2000
mood: Subdued Glee

I left my house this morning to find Falling Snow. Looking toward My Snowy Truck, I realized that this snow was for real. I scraped the snow off the windshild with a piece of cardboard, jumped in, and headed out. Instead of my normal route, I took the less-scary-during-snowstorms-route which isn't as steep or curvaceous. This caused a delay (as did the other cars traveling carefully through the snow), so by the time I made it to I-90 I was already Waiting in Traffic. Normally, I get to I-90 just before the metering turns on. I made it to work 15 minutes late, which was surpirsingly early actually considering. Michael didn't say anything, although I think he wanted to. Its good that he didn't because I had pictures.

At work today, there was a table of 13 ladies that all came wearing red hats to celebrate one of the ladies' 60th birthday parties. They reminded me of the logo of Redhat Linux, because I am a nerd. They left This Mess, that I quickly transferred onto this tray. I then carried that tray to the dishpit (which I just noticed is remarkably similar to "dipshit" - interesting), which led to This Reaction from Jessi.

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Tuesday, November 18th

Beautiful Racks

music: Ecletic Mix - Drinkmore Cafe
mood: speedy

BeautifulRacks (49k image)

"Beautiful Racks" - the unused glass racks after being sorted by yours truly. I'll take a picture at the end of the week after they have been dealt with by everyone else to proove why the Bellevue Club should do anything they can to keep me around :-p.
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Its a photo-Blog now

music: Ecletic Mix at Drinkmore Cafe
mood: Shiesta

RainTruck (37k image)

On my way out to my truck this morning, I snapped this picture of my truck with the rain reflecting the camera's extremely bright flash (as Dan will attest to).
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Overdue - Pictures of my Wireless Setup

music: Ecletic mix at Drinkmore Cafe, Seattle
mood: Dopey

Popup Image - The binder supported by thread and duct tape with the 18 dB antenna pointed at my neighbor's house. The WET-11 is in the corner, cover off and directly connected to the pigtail instead of having the RP-SMA go-between.

Popup Image - The string supporting the binder is tied to a drawer in my Brother's bedroom. Blackbrick, my old laptop (P90) is on the floor, as possible future WET-11 replacement. The borken RP-SMA pigtail is in the picture somewhere, as is my brother's old LaCie external CD-RW drive.

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Greymatter Replaces Blogger

music: System of a Down - Aerials;
mood: Happy

Its official now: Greymatter has replaced Blogger as my 'Bloging utility. The rest of my weblog is still available here.
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Monday, November 17th

My Digital Camera Has Arrived!

music: none (!!)
mood: Gleeful

BrokenWing (51k image)

The first (useful) picture I took with my new Canon S45 4.0 Megapixel Digital Camera. Clearly, the plane's wing is broken ;-).

In other news, FedEx does indeed rule, getting me the package today at 2:42 pm. Unfortunately, I was at the Bellevue Club until 4:20 and then I worked at Blockbuster at 5:00. So I didn't hav emuch time to use it until I got off at 10:00. I am very pleased with its size and performance so far.

Stay tuned for long-overdue pictures of my wireless "internet borrowing" setup and of various other aspects of my dialy life.
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Sunday, November 16th

More Random Thoughts

music: Cult - She Sells Sanctuary; Bush - The Chemicals Between Us; Stone Temple Pilots - Plush; Collective Soul - Listen; Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade; Everclear - Heartspark Dollarsign; Nada Surf - Popular
mood: Mellow Agitation

The speakers on my laptop, while lacking severly in the low range, are surprisingly good for their compactness.

I'm listening to music while putting away dishes; thus the abnormally long list (see above).

I just blended (see Enemy of the State to better understand blending).

My parents just got home; I'm glad they are well.

Because I am too lazy right now, I shall cut and paste:

[21:40:34] Me: well, I've never done that to a girl either, but I was thinking more generally
[21:40:53] Her: oh okay
[21:42:28] Me: and when I said "so now what" I was actually thinking about chaning the subject
[21:42:41] Me: unless of course you want to continue
[21:42:53] Her: oh okay
[21:43:14] Her: no that's fine talking about it jsut upsets me
[21:43:32] Me: exactly, so now we will talk about something else
[21:43:46] Me: like how dumb I am for going to bed at 7 this morning
[21:43:49] Her: yeah
[21:43:50] Her: hahahaha
[21:43:51] Her: why?
[21:43:58] Me: I was watching movies
[21:44:17] Me: well, first off i got home really late
[21:44:29] Me: because I agreed to pick up a shift at blockbuster
[21:44:51] Me: the guy is gonna give me another $20 on top of my regular pay
[21:45:01] Me: and then I wasn't tired
[21:45:05] Her: well that's good
[21:45:09] Me: because I had stayed up late the previous night
[21:45:26] Me: and so I started wathcing Basic
[21:45:38] Me: then I started watching terminator, even though I know I shouldn't have
[21:45:47] Me: I fell asleep during terminator
[21:45:58] Me: just finished it now
[21:46:02] Her: good job
[21:46:12] Me: so then I woke up at noon
[21:46:36] Me: and it turns out I had been (re)scheduled at 11 as opposed to 1 - so I was late to work
[21:46:44] Her: oh oops
[21:46:55] Me: no big though, becuase the schedule changed, the mod didn't care, he was just glad I showed up at all
[21:47:06] Me: and then the person who was supposed to relieve me never showed
[21:47:26] Me: and I got to stay till 9 (I was supposed to be off at 6) until another replacement could be found
[21:50:15] Me: so now I have a headahce from lack of sleep, I'm still getting my laundry done
[21:50:19] Her: oh
[21:50:20] Me: and... um yeah
[21:50:39] Me: and I'm hungry
[21:50:45] Me: so I'm going to go get something to eat
[21:50:48] Her: i'll talk to ya later!
[21:50:48] Me: and do dishes
[21:50:52] Me: I have a laptop
[21:51:00] Me: haha I'll carry it down with me
[21:51:06] Me: and wireless network
[21:51:08] Me: woohoo
[21:51:11] Her: aren't you cool
[21:52:05] Me: I often think that about myself
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Random Thoughts

music: Soul Coughing - Rolling; Soundgarden - Pretty Noose; Stone Temple Pilots - Sex Type Thing; Tool - Stinkfist; Wallflowers - One Headlight
mood: Wondering if I should be sleepy

The "day" rollover in this blog should really occur at about 4:00 to 6:00 am - since I often get home after midnight to write about the previous night's events. But then our whole society really should consider a new day beginning in the morning, and not at the ludicrous time of midnight. But thats not even the right solution - everyone really should wake up around first light, and go to bed much earlier so the daylight is used more efficiently. Oh well.

I'm not sure if I got paid properly for the hours I worked at the Lakemont Blockbuster a few weeks ago. The matter is under investigation.

I will be moving the old (Blogger) blog archive to their own indexed directory. I will post the location once I do that.

I love my subwoofer. I have the Logitech Z-560 4.1 surround sound system. It can output 400 watts, which is enough to hurt me, enough even to hear all the way downstairs. But the point is, the bass is so full. I can't complain about the bed trembling.

I'm currently ripping X-Men United (aka X-Men 2).

I'm about to watch Basic.

I'm collecting $20 from Colby at church tomorrow, right before I go back to work at Issy-Gilman Blockbuster.

Thats all for now.

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Saturday, November 15th

The rest of the day

music: Debelah Morgan - Dance With Me, U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (version from Rattle and Hum), Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You, U2 - Discotheque (New Mix)
mood: Blog-happy

Colby called me up from Lakemont Blockbuster, asking me to cover his shift tonight from 7 to midnight. He offered me $20. I accepted. I guess he's getting laid at the dance tonight or something special ;-). Anyway, he really wanted to go, and I have no plans (especially not in Seattle!)

I found that I can order a replacement wing from Tower Hobbies. The plane itself (its quite fun, consider it as a gift for a friend) can be found here.

Now it looks like I'm going in to Blockbuster early. Oh, the things I do for my places of work.

Time to complete my order, get something to eat, and head out I guess.
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Why I want my digicam now

music: REM - Stand, Bush - Greedy Fly
mood: Holding Steady

If I already had my Canon S45 Digital Camera, I would have pictures of the previous adventure to share with you. Unfortunately, FedEx called back (good), but told me that the package was already slated for a Tuesday delivery and there was no way to change that (bad).

Tuesday isn't really all that bad - the 18th will also be the day I find out for sure if I'm working on Thanksgiving, depending on the contents of my paycheck. I guess I don't really want to work anymore, but the extra money would be nice. Not working and the money would be even nicer, but I doubt that Michael really believes that the money is owed to me - rather, I believe that, like much of the other things he says, it was intended to sound right at the time. Maybe I'm misjudging him, but it seems to be the trend - he has sort of a reality distortion field. Most of what he says sounds good at the time, but then you take a few steps away and things stop making so much sense.
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A Aeroplane Adventure

music: Limp Bizkit - My Way, Silverchair - Ana's Song (Open Fire), Silverchair - Abuse Me
mood: Better than the weather (which is dreary)

Being Saturday, and having been pretty uninvovled in the ultimate frisbee group I set up and hoped to keep going, I made sure to get to Robinswood park by 12:00 today. Sure, nobody else showed up except for little Dan, whom I picked up, but I had a backup plan. Dan and I put together a remote control airplane kit that I received from my dad for my birthday. We did it mostly without instructions, and got it mostly right, except for the wing struts which we forgot about (which the plane paid dearly for later).

The first attempt at flight started on the ground and never got up from there. Instead, the grass at robinswood got cut a little bit. The seocnd attempt, Dan launched it and, amazingly, it responded quite well to my attempts to command it. I made about a quarter of a large turn before bouncing off the ground once, opening up the battry cover, and crashlanding otherwise harmlessly in the grass. The seoncd flight started better - once again with a hand launch - but ended up worse. After making a full circles about the size of the two soccer fields at Robinswood (having the plane come right out you is quite exciting!), I was looking for a way to slow the plane down on the remote control. I should have figured it out before, because I looked away for too long, and beforeI could recover the plane bit it hard, breaking its main wing. Now I have to try to find a replacement wing, becuase the overall exeperience was far too much fun to stop now.
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Tired of Blogger

music: WMEA All-State 2000 Jazz Band - Black Orpheus
mood: Looking up

Blogger was a good start to my Blogging career - however, it has too many limitations, too many nagging problems (like the fact that it wouldn't publish last night), and I've outgrown it. So I have moved on. I am here giving the greymatter blogging system a shot. It uses perl, which I don't know like I know PHP, and it uses the filesystem instead of a database. Nevertheless, it seems to be a robust package altogether. Lets see how it performs.
ryanmce on 11.15.03 @ 02:26 PM PST [link]

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