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Wednesday, December 31st

And Even More

music: Linkin Park - Step Up, Carousel, Technique
mood: Wholely High

"Who can rock a rhyme like this? Bring it to you every time like this? Who can rock a rhyme like this? Step, Step Up. Step, Step Up, Step Up." --Linkin Park, Hyrbrid Theory EP, "Step Up"

Linkin Park continues to amaze me with their abilities to draw me into their music. Every album I hear grows on me until it is an obsession, and I still enjoy the material I've heard for over a year. I do hope they remix Meteora, although I don't know how they could make most of the songs any better. Nevertheless, I have faith: Reanimation did amazing things to the best songs on Hybrid Theory and incredible things to the rest.

I got some more photos up, but I have discovered that I am some combination of:
1) too lazy to add captions to all of them and integrate them into popup windows,
2) too interested in finding a better way to put up a large number of photos with captions and automagical resizing, and
3) too corrupted by the way I put up photos during the road trip.
So I simply stuffed all the new photos into This Directory...

Right now I'm evaluating phpWebSite, maintained by Appalachian State University for a more robost and full-featured replacement for greymatter, due in part to reason #2 above.

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Tuesday, December 30th

music: Allen Vizzutti - Notte A Roma, Space - Female of the Species
mood: Quite Upbeat

Nothing like a littel bit of physical activity to lift the spirits. The family snowshoeing trip was much fun. I have some pictures that I am working on now, they should be up later today.

I recently downloaded Mozilla Firebird 0.7 - it is an excellent web browser, and I am weighing it against IE as a replacement. It is nice to once again have a viable alternative to the MS domination.
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Bad Sleep Schedule

music: (going through my head) - Linkin Park - Step Up
mood: Contemplative

Las tnight, I didn't go to sleep until after 5:00 am. I woke up today at 2:00 pm. Most fo the day's light is already gone, and I still haven't done anything. Clearly this is not ideal. I propose a plan of action to ameliorate the situation, which involves a ban on my laptop while I am not seated at a table or desk (ie, not in the bed with me, although I have pretty much mastered using my pillows to prop me up on my right side just I can type and read the screen). This way, bed is actaully a place to sleep, not a place to play another hour of Counterstrike or another hour of chat or anything else.

I feel like listening to surround sound music, watching football, eating a nice breakfast, and generally doing something with what little of the day I have left. We may be going snowshoeing soon, that should be a good change of pace, but it is awful late int eh day to be starting something outside.
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music: None
mood: Generally good

Today, I slept in late, then didn't do much until evening, when I got surround sound set up in the living room by connecting the dvd player to the Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum in my desktop ("oasis") with an optical audio cable, and by bringing down my 4.1 speakers and setting them up around the room. After some tweaking, the Audigy started decoding the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and output it to the speakers. There was a small, but noticeable delay in the sound - something which I think would be fixed if we were to use the dvd player on the computer. That remains to be seen. We watched the original Italian Job, a not-very-good movie.
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Monday, December 29th


music: Linkin Park - Frgt>10
mood: :-p

Had a big dinner party today, with Scott, Maneesh & Parents, Joel & Family, Amy & Parents, and some ppl from church. Food was good, company was great, had a great time.
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Friday, December 26th


music: Chris Cornell - Seasons
mood: Contentedly Contemplative

Had a great Christmas. Hung with the family the entire day, opened the socks first, as we do, then to the presents. I got, among other things, a big book on FreeBSD, a Best of REM CD, and some very nice clothes from my mom. Played some CS, went on a walk, ate some good food, had a lot of candy, watched Winged Migration (my gift to my Dad) and generally had a great time.
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Wednesday, December 24th


music: In The Chamber With Linkin Park - The String Quartet Tribute - Crawling, In The End, Pushing Me Away, Runaway
mood: :-o

Yesterday, I finished the bulk of my shopping. Now all that is left is misundry items for non-family members, and of course, wrapping. On the way back from Seattle, I stopped by the church where a live nativity was being held. It was interesting... mostly because there was one movement invovled in the entire program, so I'm not sure why it was live. But then a hand bell choir performed, some very good songs including Carol Of The Bells and George Winston's Joy. I then left to go to Jeana's party, where a teacher from long ago, Sarah, was. We talked cordially despite my breakdowns and mistreatments of her during my junior year :-/. There were also lts of other people there that I hadn't seen in a long time. We all reconnected, and some of us stayed at Jeana's until 1:00. I picked up the album I am now listening too, and decided that One Step Closer wasn't the right song to start with - its very screechy, but the rest are enjoyable after you get into the paradigm of the string quartet tribute.
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Tuesday, December 23rd

CS Ownage and Other Activities on Monday

music: Linkin Park - Papercut (Live in Texas)
mood: Double-D :-D

Today I went shopping with Ben after a late start. After Ben and I parted ways, I went a few places with Scott to get things for Ben. Got a few gifts, but there are still many to be gotten, and then wrapping. Its fun. After shopping, I came home and helped pull together dinner. Its the best dinner I've had in months, if not a year. The salmon, the salad (which I made), the rice, the shrimp (which I cooked), the blueberries (which I ate a lot of) - everything was excellent. It helped that I was hungry, but that really just left enough room for starberry ice cream (all natural and irresistable!). A fabulous day overall.
I also played a little bit of Counterstrike and made the Inernet connection in the laundry room more permanent. I have some screenshots of my CS ownage here!
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Monday, December 22nd

Road Trip Logs Yet Unposted

music: Alice In Chains - Them Bones
mood: :-D

Here are the logs that I had not posted because I didn't have them...

Day 12 (Friday, December 12, 2003)

We didn’t quite get the jump on the road that we were hoping to, but were on the road by around 9:30 am. Reset the trip odometer at 301 miles.

11:16 am – 146 miles: Two hundred miles left to Los Angeles. Gas prices took a huge jump after the California border, the only border we have come across that had inspection points set up for all vehicles. Of course this is where I we choose to stop for gas, and its my turn to pay. Clearly, dumb liberal policies are destroying this state. Hopefully the Terminator can fix things up some. Also, Scott and I agree that California should be split into at least two smaller states – I would say three states myself. Too bad this country has forgotten about state rights and the need, as expressed by Thomas Jefferson, for constant revolution.

11:55 am – 193.5: We enter Joshua Tree National Park, but learn that there will be a $10 entry fee that we do not want to pay, so we decide just to drive a very little bit and read one of the signs before tuning around and continuing to Los Angeles.

Scott, being lazy with the log, doesn’t bother to write down when we get to Los Angeles, what we think of the smog, the hugeness of the city, our meeting with Brennan at Venice Beach, our thoughts on the Venice Beach culture, Jim and Pat’s enthusiastic welcome, our chat with Jim late into the evening… I suppose I could have written about that last one, but the rest of the time I was driving. Los Angeles is a bit hectic, but I had no problem dealing with traffic, even at rush hour. People were mostly polite and nice, except for a few idiots – such as one lady who had her blinker on for several miles. She didn’t notice, even though she was changing lanes – she apparently never uses her turn indicators. The smog over the city obscures the sun with unnaturally tinted hues, and accumulates in the back of my throat, feeling slightly acidic. Maybe that’s in my head, but it still feels nasty. After Venice Beach, where we saw a man on roller blades playing a distorted electric guitar to passers-by, a man in a speedo-type suit holding snakes with a log balanced on his head, the classic Cobra car with a bikini model posing next to it, numerous street and street-side enterprises including palm and tarot card reading, temporary tattoos, real tattoos, junk food, and art of all kinds. We then drove on Santa Monica Boulevard to a highway that we took into Simi Valley, where the Jim and Pat live. Simi Valley is the Bellevue of L.A., we decided. It’s clean, nice, and moderately upscale. We chatted with our hosts, got suggestions for the next day’s drive, were fed, and talked politics, engineering, life decisions, and more with Jim before getting to bed.

Day 13 (Saturday, December 13, 2003)

8:00 am: We get up, have breakfast, and then I drive with Jim to the mechanic to ferry Jim back home while Scott showers. I shower after we get back, then we say our goodbyes and head up the coastal highway at about 10:00.

11:00 am: We stop in Santa Barbara, where there is supposed to be an interesting market on Saturday morning, but instead all the Mexicans seem to be out in force. It looks like they town is prepping for a parade of some sort later in the day. We refuel, and unable to find the market, we quickly leave.

1:30 pm: We stop at Pismo beach, walk on the sand, spot no hot girls in bikinis (I guess its too cold for California girls), play with the surf, and eat lunch.

3:00 pm: We stop at Morrow Bay – there is a big rock hill spit and beach all around. There are surfers and many other tame animals. Scott takes a large format photo and I get some “tamelife” photos with my telephoto lens and some scenic shots with my regular lens.

3:50 pm: We recalculate our trip, trying to make it to Colin’s place by 7:30 for dinner. It looks like we can make it if we maintain speed and don’t stop for more than 15 minutes.

4:50 pm: Along US-101 we notice a car in the ditch, Ryan and I both ask each other if there was someone in that car. We make a u-turn and check and sure enough there was. A kid who couldn’t have been older than 17 was in his car, unharmed, but definitely shaken. The kid admits that he is sick and had taken some cough medicine. His car wasn’t starting. He tries it again and is now somehow working. Ryan and I don’t know what to suggest to the kid, being that we don’t know if he is likely to doze off again. He drives off and Ryan and I still don’t know what we should have done. Will the kid drive off into the ditch again, we don’t know.

Day 14 (Sunday, December 14, 2003)

Ryan and I enjoy a scrumptious breakfast with Collin’s parents, Mark and Anne, his brother Greg, and his girlfriend Katie (I set those two cuties up).

We take the plummet into the abyss of San Francisco, have no fear, we don’t care that there are liberals here (We are “tolerant”).

First thing first, we headed for downtown San Fran. On the way I called Yeung Chan, woodworker extraordinaire. I chat with Yeung for a little bit and ask if I could stop by and see his shop. Yeung is very generous and invites us to dinner with his wife and son, who arrived back from MIT that very evening. We exchange phone numbers and agree to have dinner.

Ryan and I continued our journey in San Fran. We went in the general direction of downtown. Ryan and I had both previously been to San Francisco and had seen the major touristy sites, so we decided we would take the wanderer’s approach to seeing the city. We began our wondering and came across a scenic drive sign, which takes a tour of all the best parts of San Fran. My brother and I had previously taken it and I suggest to Ryan that we start our wandering there, ha, organized wandering.

Day 15 (Monday, December 15, 2003)

7:00 am: Hit the road jack. No hitting road jacks hurts, so instead we started out.

7:12 am: Instead of hitting road jacks, Ryan decides to take his aggression out on a seagull, hitting it smack on with the car; that is one dead bird.

10:48 am: Scott takes over driving so he doesn’t lose his breakfast on Ryan, immediately after a stop on the coastal highway to take a picture of an arched rock. Previously, while Ryan was still driving, we stopped at another beach and walked on the shore and took pictures. At the arched rock beach, Ryan went to the beach itself, down nearly sheer muddy cliffhanger walls while Scott took a large format picture and Ryan climbed rocks on the shore where, at times, he was surrounded by swirling ocean currents of death. Fortunately, strong legs enabled Ryan to jump to safety while Scott continued to figure out his large format photograph. By the time Ryan completed the death-defying scramble back to the top of the sheer cliffs, Scott had almost decided on how he was going to take the picture. After Ryan gave Scott some useless advice, cleaned off his shoes, reorganized part of his gear, had brunch, and simply did nothing for a while, Scott finally took the picture, packed up, and Scott began driving, letting Ryan partake in the loose stomach feel for a while.

12:00 noon: Five hours after leaving, we begin to worry that we might have missed Fort Bragg, which Scott tells me is Mecca for woodworkers. Now Scott is making his pilgrimage. However, we look at the map and find out where we are, and learn that we haven’t gone harldy anywhere at all. It looks like we’ll be staying in Brookings tonight, since Portland via the coastal highway would get us in no earlier than 6:00 am, tomorrow.

1:16 pm: We are getting ready to leave after stopping for lunch in a small Oceanside town along Highway 1. Along with the sound of the waves are the incessant chanting in various languages of a man who may or may not be crazy – we can’t quite figure that out. He talks half like a preacher, half like a political activist, and all with a hint of lunacy. Its quite interesting.

3:05 pm: We stopped at the gallery for the College of the Redwood Woodworking program among other works of art. There were some pieces that were absolutely amazing, some obviously influenced by Krenov.

4:00 pm: We stopped by the College of the Redwoods and met with David Welter, who kindly showed us around the shop. The students were just finishing up there first pieces, some of them had already left for the holidays. The people there all seemed to be a jovial bunch.

5:04 pm: Yowzers, look at that sunset. Ryan got a panorama with his digital camera.

5:12 pm: Ryan and I notice the coastal highway pattern for hills and turns: downhill right followed by uphill left.

Around nine, we pull into Brookings. Scott chooses not to eat and is in a foul mood. We are overdue on an oil change too. Christine gets back maybe 15 minutes after we find her place, gives us a call, and we meet with her. She is very nice, and after a brief chat we all get ready for sleep. No cell internet access here it looks like, so no update tonight. Portland should have plentiful WiFi though.

Brita – 503-282-2814
3428 NE liberty st
Portland, OR

Day 16 (Tuesday, December 16, 2003)

8:35 am: We leave Christine’s house after more talk about the trip, the cat, and family. We are both showered, I feel well rested, but the first part of the journey is very quiet.

9:15 am: We stop to fill up – its over ten and a half gallons, and the biggest fill-up to date. The attendant who fills our gas tells us where we can get our oil changed up the road. Still no talk today.

10:00ish: We stop at Battle Rock Park in Oregon. Here, 9 settlers were holed up on a small rock island outcropping on the ocean shore while natives surrounded them. The settlers escaped one night, and returned with a stronger force to more permanently settle the town. Scott took a large format photograph while I climbed battle rock and made my way to the side facing the ocean. The winds here were so strong and constant that I had to lean into the wind to maintain my balance, and I walked very carefully to avoid a slip that, with the wind, could have sent me into the angry ocean below. I took pictures with my digital camera, including some I hope to make into a panorama later. After I returned from my extravagantly long and luxurious trip up Battle Rock, Scott was having trouble with camera movement due to wind, so I helped by holding the camera while he opened the shutter.

10:34 am: I have added a sheet to the trip statistics excel worksheet calculating total costs of the trip (that we have recorded) – and it looks like our total expenses will be below $600 and our out of pocket expenses will be below $400. Seems like a good place to be, considering we are almost home and how many places we’ve been.

4:30 pm ish: We arrive in Portland earlier than expected – we may go home today.

7:30 pm: We make contact with Brita, have a good chat and pick up some take and bake pizza. We are well fed and on our way home tonight. It would be a pleasant surprise for both of our parents, except that Scott told my mom. Bah. Joska, my nephew, is bright and rambunctious as he always is, Brita loves to talk about her plans, and Jason is as nice and mild-mannered as ever. Their house is looking pretty good, sporting a new fence and with some interior work as well. We were sorry to cut out stay so short, but be are also excited to get home, and we are well fed with pizza and salad, ready for the final leg of our epic journey.

10:26 pm – 125662 miles on odometer: We arrive at Scott’s house and declare the road trip officially over.
Total Time: 15 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes.
Total Distance: 7025 miles.
Verdict: Success!

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Friday, December 19th


music: Linkin Park - In The End
mood: good

Today, I went with my dad to take the truck to the shop to replace brakes and other maintenance issues.I then dropped my dad off at work. Next I went to Davis Optical, but they didn't open until 9:30, so I went to BCC to be advised. After standing around for 10 minutes, I got some materials and settled in for a longer wait. A pretty girl started standing around too; I told her that I hadn't had much luck and when she asked for a map of the campus, I tore the one out of the class schdule I had, since I had just noticed one in there. She thanked me, then we both ended up in advisement at the same time, albeit with different advisors. At advisement, I learned that I need to take the assessment tests again (last time was 1999) and I got information on how I might be able to get into the two other classes I want - C++ and Video Production.

After advisement, I returned to Davis Optical right as it was opening, picked up my contacts, then realized that I had finished all my plans in a much shorter time than I had imagined. So I returned home, folded clothes, had a good lunch, and got a better wireless internet setup hooked up. This time I have an extremely strong link, and from all I've learned about mounting, I'm pretty sure it will be fairly permanent.

Next came the TRC meeting. Not much happened there, excpet Chris actually seemed to be on top on things, just not the forums. Hester, Bob, Dan, and I threw the frisbee around until about 4 after that, then I took them all home, before returning home. Then I realized that I had lots of film to take to Costco (10 rolls!), so I did that, and looked around Costco for gift ideas. I'm still awaiting lists from my family members, and I really haven't gotten any shopping done yet. My list is pretty much complete, I will be distributing that here soon.

I then got my mom a belated birthday present, came home and started dinner, then found out that my parents weren't really coming home at 7:00 (why do I keep falling for that one), so I had some dinner myself, then went and helped set up for a church Christmas party. After that, I returned, had a little more dinner, then played counterstrike and generally enjoyed the revived internet connection.

Thats a wrap!

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Wednesday, December 17th

The end of the Roadtrip

music: Foo Fighters - All My Life
mood: :-) :-/ :-D :-\ :-> :-

The road trip is over - 16 days, 7025 miles. Once again, Scott's computer is not where I am, so the official log isn't up, but I'm working on pictures right now.
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Sunday, December 14th

Road Trip - Day 14

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mood: meh?

Today we had an incredible breakfast with Collin & Family, then we headed off and tooled around the Bay Area without really ding anything excapet seeing Golden Gate and Ghiradeli's - which we have both already done. We eventually made it to U.C. Berkley, and went to the gate of the Lawrence Berkley National Labs, and played some frisbee near Golden Gate Park, then we went to a woodworker friend fo Scott's for dinner, then we settled in at Collin's mom's place for the night.
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More Pictures!

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mood: yay!

Pictures from days 11, 12, and 13 are now available here!
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Saturday, December 13th

Road Trip - Day 13

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mood: subdued happiness

Once again, the official log is not entirely accessible, so I will write this from memory and upload the official one later. But really, the official one isn't so good since only one of us logs anymore. Today we went from Simi Valley to San Francisco primarily on US Highway 101. We stopped at Santa Barbara where there was supposed to be an intersting market, but we couldn't find it and the entire city was half shut down getting ready for a parade of some sort, so we got out of there and continued on to Pismo Beach. There, we had lunch, enjoyed the waves, took some pictures, and continued on to Morro Bay where Scott took a large format picture and I snapped a roll and a half on the SLR along with some digital photos. On our way to Monterey, it got dark so we bypassed the rest of the coast and went straight to the San Francisco area. Collin's family welcomed us and fed us well, offered excellent conversation, great music, and a nice place to sleep.
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Friday, December 12th

Road Trip - Day 12

music: Sportscenter Theme
mood: :-)

We are in L.A. - or actaully in Simi Valley, just outside of L.A. We drove through L.A. during rush hour, a process which took a couple of hours, not because the traffic was so slow - it actually moved pretty well msot of the time - but because L.A. is so big. The Lakers lost, this is good. Scott's computer is off, so you're not getting the "official" log today. But here's the general idea: Gas here in Cali is expensive, there are lots of wind generators, the smog over L.A. is pretty gross, and Venice beach is quite interesting. We saw Brennan again, and Jim and Pat Chatterly are great hosts and fun to talk to. We will be going to San Fran tomrrow via the Coastal highway. Thats all for now folks!
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Thursday, December 11th

Road Trip - Day 11

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mood: subtly happy

Today was a rest from driving day. We had a lazy morning while Jeana took a final, then we went on a hike of Squaw Peak, overlooking the entire Phoenix area. After that we returned to GCU and played some Frisbee and had Mac and Cheese for lunch. It burned a little bit, but it still tsted alright. Next, we refilled waters and washed dishes, then Jeana went off to work at the Suns game while Scott and I went to Scottsdale to see art galleries and get postcards. We got the postcards and saw lots of interesting art. We also met a photogrpaher whom we talked to for a good half hour about all sorts of things - from Ansel Adams and large format photography to modern digital techniques and everything in between. We returned to GCU and had dinner, then Jeana got back and we hung out for a while until she needed to go to bed, so we said out goodbyes since we are planning on leaving early tomorrow for L.A. and now we are getting ready to sleep.
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Wireless Networking Gear pays off!

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Bringing along my Senao 200mW PCMCIA 802.11b Wireless LAN card paid off big time today - I fired it up today and quickly found an open access point with a broadband connection. New pictures are uploaded, Click Here to access them. They are sorted by the date on which they were shot and each photo has a name that describes, somewhat, what the photo is and where it was taken.
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Road Trip - Day 10

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mood: somberglad

Here's our most recent activity - and here's to more frequent updates! I'm disappointed at GCU's lack of ethernet in its residence halls, but I will search dilligently for fast internet tomorrow. You all deserve pictures.

Day 10 (Wednesday, December 10, 2003)

11:48 am – 0.0 miles: After showering, reorganizing, and breaking camp, we leave Catalina state park for the Biosphere – the same biosphere that we visited last night and were told by the security guards that we couldn’t even look at the thing from the outside. When I asked for any information, the security guard told me he had none. Way to be useful, foolio. On the way out, the other security guard was at least useful enough to tell us what hours they were open. We pull into Bashas, a grocery store, to get some more food for the rest of the trip.

2:45 pm -19.7 miles: Scott is good enough with the stick shift, and bad enough at logging (I even called him a “lag slocker” – I was trying to say “log slacker,” but that’s not what came out) that he is driving in Tucson while I log. The Biosphere 2 is a grand project still waiting to be made great. Admission was only $6, less that the $13-23 we were expecting, so we were quite pleased and entered without much debate. The entire place felt like it was past its prime, although some construction was ongoing. The Biosphere was built in 1987 with the money of a single man (this is why it is good to have rich people in a society). The original intent of the Biosphere was to seal humans inside to see how they could live within an ecosystem using recycling and so-forth. These experiments ended in 1992, but the information and the guides didn’t seem to care to elaborate as to why. I suspect that it has something to do with a story I heard on NPR a long time ago – that the biosphere was not as self-sustaining as was planned, and that there had been clandestine insertions of materiel from the outside to ensure the viability of the project. When this was discovered, the project came to a dismal end. In 1996, Columbia University took over the management of the Biosphere 2 facility with great plans on turning it into the focal point for environmental research in the world. Recently, Columbia retreated from its plans to buy the center and vastly scaled back its research activities at the site. Financial reasons may be involved, but I personally suspect that the results being produced by the Biosphere were not what the closed-minded liberal environmental research scientists wanted. Most of the “educational” displays on the walking tour were designed to scare people about the dangers of global warming, the drastic effects of human activity on the planet, and all sorts of other unproven or disproved liberal ballyhoo. There was a clear political intent to Columbia University’s involvement at the Biosphere, and I believe that the data the Biosphere produced didn’t fit the wants of those in charge of the University’s involvement.

5:04 pm – 71.7 miles: We stop at a Phillips 66 outside of Saguaro National Park to refuel, having just witnessed a dumb cop make life dangerous for ourselves and several other drivers. We think we’ll be in Phoenix around 7:00. This day seems really short, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get going until noon.

10:43 pm – 236.1 miles: We are in Phoenix. Since Jeana wasn’t going to be available until after 10 pm, we decided, on the advice of Suzanne who lived in Phoenix for a year, to go to downtown Tempe, the site of Arizona State University. Tempe earns Arizona massive points – it is a beautiful, colorful, lively city that is great to walk around in. It is well decorated for the season, has nice parks, and is full of beautiful young people. Tempe is good. After we got tired of walking around Tempe, we went to the International Airport to recreate the scene from Wayne’s World and other movies of watching the planes land nearby. Our spot wasn’t quite as good as in the movies, but it was still fun. On our way back to Phoenix and Grand Canyon University, we stopped to help a motorist of the side of the road. He had a flat and couldn’t find the jack in his car, which he had just bought. We dug out our jack (in the trunk, under all our junk) and let him use it, then raced against time to get everything back together in the trunk as a street sweeper bore down on us. We returned to Phoenix proper, got in touch with Jeana, and now we await her arrival at the Applebee’s here in Phoenix.

2:13 am: Jeana took her time getting to the Applebee’s, but she finally showed up and we had a joyous reunion. It turns out that we were kind of crashing one of her friends’ birthday party – but they didn’t seem to mind that much, at least not after the Jagermeister shots the four girls shared. Scott and I split chicken wings and each ordered an entrée on top of that – I got a mediocre but filling chicken parm and scott had chicken fingers and fries. After Applebee’s we moved to an Irish bar down the street where Scott, Jeana and I caught up while the others enjoyed some more alcoholic beverages. I feel really in my element at bars, let me tell you. Finally, about one o’clock, we headed to Grand Canyon University. Jeana set us up our very own room with mattresses and box springs, a toilet – but no Internet access! We are shocked! It looks like my phone will get to use some more nighttime minutes to upload this.
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Tuesday, December 9th

Road Trip - Day 9

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mood: Giddy

Day 9 (Tuesday, December 09, 2003)

7:56 am – 0.0 mile: I, Ryan, wake up during the last moments of golden hour. I quickly get more clothes on, since it is bitter cold, and snap a few pictures of the mountains and a wandering deer. The deer around here are plentiful. Scott gets up too and we have to granola and milk for breakfast before breaking camp. While I journal, Scott is using his large format view camera to take a picture of the mountains. It has been a while since I updated the ‘blog; I’ve got to get on that.

9:20 am – 0.8 miles: We leave the visitor’s center, headed back to the campsite where we are supposed to pay our $8 fee – on a self-serve basis. After paying, we set out on US Hwy 62/180 toward another Highway into El Paso.

11:34 am – 110.5 miles: In El Paso, we decide to take a look at the US/Mexico border. We see it, but the wait looks too long and we don’t know all the procedures to get back and forth, so we decide we’ll just continue on to Phoenix.

12:05 pm – 136 miles: We cross into New Mexico for the second time, and once again only briefly, as I-10 jogs North before turning west again towards Phoenix.

12:01 pm – 201 miles: We change our clocks back an hour, so no, we didn’t just time warp. We are headed west on I-10, trying to figure out the rest of the day.

4:57 pm – 399.7 miles: We stopped at the Chiricahau (don’t worry, we can’t pronounce it either) National Monument, about an hour and twenty minutes out of our way, and spent a couple of hours admiring the scenery and taking photographs. Among the regular pillars of rock are some very unique ones: The Totem Pole is 137 feet tall and only a yard thick, and the Pinnacle Balanced rock weighs over 1000 tons and rests on a base only 4 feet wide. On our way to the monument, we had the opportunity of driving on a dirt and gravel roadway. Because of this stop, we won’t be able to make it to the Biosphere II in Oracle, Arizona, which I think would have been a pretty awesome thing to see. Its two hours away from Phoenix, though, so we probably won’t be returning to see it this trip.

6:57 pm – 523.1 miles: We missed our turnoff to Hwy-77, so we had to do a little bit of backtracking, on W Tangerine Rd, which is only significant because the road insisted on bobbing up and down, over and over again, similar to a kiddy rollercoaster.

8:11 pm – 565.7 miles: AAA’s campground guidebook sends us to a “free” site in the middle of nowhere down dirt roads. The signage for the campground is handwritten on cardboard. And after all that we find out that the campground actually has a ten dollar per night fee. I am very perturbed, I am very perturbed indeed.

12:18 am – 678.4 miles: Scott left some things out. The reason we are looking for a campground instead of staying in Phoenix with Jeana is twofold. First, we spent so much time getting up this morning, looking at the border to Mexico in El Paso, and photographizing at the Chiricahau National Monument that we got way behind schedule. Second, I still want to see the Biosphere, which is four hours out of the way if we were to go to Phoenix tonight. So, we decided to camp somewhere near Tucson so we could take things at a more leisurely pace. The first campground we attempted to go to, called Peppersauce, is the closest to the Biosphere, which itself is near a town called Oracle. Peppersauce turned out to be a pay site, as described above. Since the last place the AAA campbook told us was free was actually free (in Canton, Kansas), we thought that this Peppersauce deal was just a fluke and thought we’d try another one of the free campsites. On the way to where the other free campsites are supposed to be, we passed Catalina State Park – it, however, costs $12 a night. We pressed onward, but we were getting delirious from the lack of food and the fitful rest we had last night. So we decided to stop at a Subway for a break and some food. We headed out again, entering the same national forest that the Peppersauce campground is in, but from the other side, only to find out that the other two “Free” campsites are also pay sites. By this point, we didn’t care, and the cost was only five bucks, so we figured it’ll be alright. Well, upon arriving at the first campsite we discovered that it has been shut down for renovation. So we decided to press on to the second campsite, a mere 14 miles up a steep and twisty mountain road. About 10 miles on our way, we are informed that the road is closed in 2000 feet. Sure enough, it is blocked off. We cursed, and turned around, trying to figure out what to do next. We decided that it would be alright if we set up camp in the under construction campsite, for just one short night. However, upon driving into the site, a domesticated dog began to bark at us, warning us that there were indeed people manning the site. He got out of there, cursing again, and headed back to town. Now we have finally settled in at Catalina State Park – the one we rejected earlier – after a series of campground fiascos beyond belief.
Here’s to adventure!
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Road Trip - Day 8

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Day 8 (Monday, December 08, 2003)

Ryan and I got up and ate some breakfast, bacon and egg, which Susie had kindly prepared for us. We packed up and headed out. On the way out, we stopped in Fort Worth to see the Water Gardens. The park allowed you to walk down to the bottom of the water display, something Ryan and I decided would never be allowed in Seattle due to public safety concerns.

After seeing the Water Gardens, we headed west on I-20. We are trying to figure out how toward Carlsbad Caverns, where we will camp the night.

1:41 pm – 8 miles: Ryan forgot to reset the trip odometer this morning, so about 150 miles into the trip at Abilene Scott resets the odometer and we continue on.

3:28 pm – 31.2 miles: After stopping for lunch at a Texas Grill where we had somewhat overcooked but still very good peppered ribeye steaks served by a brand new but pretty waitress (Ryan gives her a “9”) for $28.18 plus a $4.26 (14.7% - she was hot, but the steaks were overcooked), we hit the road again.

4:25 pm – 99.9 miles: I call my dad for information on camping place because ehe has internet access. He calls back with some good information: Carlsbad Caverns NP discourages camping, Guadalupe encourages it. We will be staying at Pine Springs camp ground at the Guadalupe Mountains national park.

8:30 pm – 348.1 miles: We arrive at the campground. We don’t know where to pay the $8, so we decide we’ll figure it out later and proceed to set up camp for the night. The wind is strong and gusty, giving us trouble while setting up the tent. We place a few rocks inside the tent and on the tarp to try to keep things in place, and then we start working on dinner. While we are waiting for the water to boil, a big gust of wind picks up the tent and, along with the rocks and sleeping bags in it, moves it about ten feet from the tarp, until it snags on some brush. The wind proceeds to get the tarp out from under three of the four rocks we placed on top. Finally, the water is boiling and we add the pasta and sauce, only to have the camp stove die on us. We refill the camp stove fuel bottle from the extra fuel bottle we have with us, and finish cooking the pasta. It is alright, it pales in comparison to the mac and cheese and the chicken and rice we cooked before, and it can’t compare to the steaks of earlier in the day. By 10:30, we get into bed for some needed rest.
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Road Trip - Day 7

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And more...

Day 7 (Sunday, December 07, 2003)

Today we sleep in a bit, didn’t get on the road until about 9:25.

11:30 am – 128 miles: After stopping for another refueling, Scott takes over driving. We turn North on I-49 and are now paralleling the Louisiana-Texas border until we get to I-20 and head towards Dallas. We are out of the Swamplands, so no more crazy, high-cost freeway systems, and things are beginning to dry out. By the time we get to Texas it seems no humidity will be left. I’m not sure if I should look forward to the higher temperatures or not.

2:29 pm – 338 miles: We get onto I-20 West towards Dallas. The sky is blue, the sun is brilliant and warms us. Scott is pissed off at the slow speed limits in “construction zones” with no workers. We haven’t had lunch yet.

2:39 pm – 350 miles: We cross the Louisiana-Texas Border and stop at a rest stop for lunch.

We are getting a little lax on the log, or I am (Scott), my bad.

We got into the Arlington area around 6:15 pm and settled in with our host, Daniel and Susie McElroy who were very gracious and hospitable. We ate some pizza with Daniel and Susie and figured out some sites to see in Dallas. Ryan and I were very impressed with downtown Dallas. We stopped to take some pictures of the City Hall, a very architecturally intriguing building. We also went to Thank-Giving Square in the heart of downtown Dallas. Ryan and I were both impressed with the colorful skyline.

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Road Trip Days 6

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Sorry for the long lack of update. A more leisurely pace actually means we are packing more activities into each day instead of just driving, leaving less time for things like this. Today, however, I have been a man with a mission to update this blog. There are many awesome pictures just waiting for a fast connection to be uploaded. Just hang in there! Here we go...

Day 6 (Saturday, December 06, 2003)

9:16 am – 506.0 / 0 miles: We wake up later than planned, but its still pretty early, especially here at Tulane where everyone still seems to be asleep. I’ve called my aunt and uncle’s house, where I talked to Marie. She had a meeting starting but will be calling back. Next I called my cousin Kevin (Marie gave me her number), and left a message on his phone to see if Pensacola will be an option. Now, we are headed to the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge.

At the Wildlife Refuge, we take a variety of pictures, have lunch (chicken and rice, yum) and meet a few locals. One man, walking his dog, is interested in Scott’s large format camera, and two local teens, one with a truck with hydraulics. We talk about the cold, the trip, coming from Seattle, rice rockets, how bad cops are, and a few other things. Meanwhile, I’ve gotten in touch with Kevin and we agree to watch the Army vs. Navy game at Silky O’ Sulivans, a pub on Decateur St in the French Quarter at 3:00pm. Traveling around, we decide it would be fun to traverse the 28-mile long causeway to New Orleans. It turns out it’s a toll road, but traveling on the thing is a trip. For some reason, they built the road at the very widest part of Lake Pontchartrain. We arrive in the French Quarter, locate the bar, and then go to park, which is always a battle. We get lucky on Bienville street again. But first, Scott wants to take a picture of the feel of the French Quarter, so we go find a quiet street and he takes a photo. His view camera gets several comments, one from some old-timers, and one from a local DJ who is looking for good album over art. Next, we head to the bar, where we aren’t ID’d, and watch the game, with Navy handily beating Army (the first Division I football team to go 0-13). Navy winning is good, since Kevin is a graduate of the Naval Academy and knows the quarterback. We say our goodbyes, head back to Tulane (Kat is now working on a French paper; we pity her) and watch Legally Blonde (Scott had already seen Men of Honor), a fun and frivolous movie before hitting the sack. Although we didn’t go anywhere today, we still rack up 109 or so miles.

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Friday, December 5th

Road Trip Days 4 and 5, with pictures from day 3 as well

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Its late here in New Orleans and we're going to be getting up early tomorrow. As a result, I am cutting a few corners tonight. Pictures won't be popup this time around, instead you get to browse them rather primitively here. Also, I am posting all of the new journals at once.

Day 4 (Thursday, December 04, 2003)
We woke up late, around 11:30, showered, and went to Homer’s, an excellent restaurant near the Little Rock airport with Brennan and her step-dad Paul. Next we hung out at Brennan’s house while Brennan went to the dentist, then she returned and took us to Pinnacle Mountain, if mountain is the correct term, where we took many pictures. There were many hawks circling, which was weird, because there were so many hawks. Pictures will happen here at some point. Soon we will be going to a choir concert. Last night we saw the construction of William Jefferson Clinton Library.

Day 5 (Friday, December 05, 2003)

We got up, said goodbye to Brennan and the hecka-tight city of Little Rawk. Hit the road running at 8:24.

Outside of Little Rock Ryan and I see the sun coming through the clouds in rays, absolutely awesome.

10:50 am – 143.7 miles: We cross a bridge from Louisiana into Mississippi. We didn’t even know that we had been in Louisiana already. The speed limits are ranging from 45-55, on US highways – not interstates right now. Everything is feeling more “Southern” in a stereotypical sense.

10:54 am – 148.0 miles: We realize we are off track. Working on a solution.

10:58 am – 150.9 miles: We figure out where we are. Highways 65 and 82 were the same road for a while, then they split up and instead of staying on highway 65 like I, Ryan, should have, we took off on highway 82, and crossed into Mississippi earlier than expected. Now we are trudging our way through Greenville, Mississippi on our way to Leland, Mississippi, where we will head South on US Highway 61 to Jackson, Mississippi where we will meet up with our originally planned path. It looks like we just added at least an hour to out arrival time in New Orleans. Way to go, Ryan!

12:38 pm – 242.4 miles: We arrive at I-20, back on track, headed towards Jackson, Mississippi. We had some PBJ sandwiches I made at Brennan’s house before we left.

1:10pm – 281.2 miles: We get onto I-55 South, and see a sign that says “New Orleans.”

2:30 pm - 371.5 miles: Entered Louisiana.

9:55 pm - 495.4 miles: We get the car’s oil changed and get in contact with Kat at Tulane, who decides she needs to study, so we head out to experience New Orleans on our own. We drive around and finally find a parking spot in the French Quarter. The parallel parking is tight, but with Scott’s excellent direction and Ryan’s amazing driving skills, we managed. We walked to Bourbon Street and strolled up and down several times enjoying the sights, sounds, and ambience of the place. The entire street is a big party, with what seems like hundreds of clubs and stores all vying for the attention of the wandering masses. We didn’t make it in to any of the clubs while the cover charges were still waived, so now we are wandering the city again, wondering what we will do tomorrow (stay here and explore, or head to Pensacola, where my cousin Kevin might be).

10:45 – On our drive back to where we are staying, we stopped at a restaurant for a very late dinner. We decided we simply could leave New Orleans without trying Cajun food. And boy did we luck out, we found a restaurant called, Copland’s. Ryan had Shrimp Creole and Scott had Blacked Cajun Chicken; it was scrumptious. Now we have to contemplate where we are going next. We can see Ryan’s cousin in Pensacola, just a three hour small excursion, stay in New Orleans another night, or simply go onto Arlington, TX (just outside of Dallas). We plan on getting up early and contacting Ryan’s cousin to see what his schedule is, and we will decide from there.
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Wednesday, December 3rd

Road Trip Day 3

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Day 3 (Wednesday, December 03, 2003)

8:54 am – 2.4 miles: We are on our way out of the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge, having just encountered some of the wildlife being refuged. First we came across some deer, which took off in an amazing show of athletic prowess, bounding away over many shrubberies. Then we came to a roadblock of buffalo. Slowly we made our way past them, making sure never to get between a young one and its guardian. Last night, we did indeed find campground the AAA book talked about. We looked around some to make sure we had the right place and then we found nice campsite, set up camp, and made ourselves macaroni and cheese, which was nice and hot and very good. We slept pretty good and I, Ryan, woke up about 8:15 and started breaking down camp. Scott got up about fifteen minutes later we finished breaking camp, and we started driving about 8:50. We thought we would be going oer 1000 miles yesterday, but because of the more efficient route discovered, we ended up at a “mere” 993 miles for the day.

9:17 am – 12.8 miles: Scott seems to be getting worse with the stick shift instead of better. We just refueled in Canton, Kansas at the Phillips 66 station. Now we are headed back to I-135 to get into Oklahoma.

10:08 am – 69.7 miles: Listening to Pearl Jam, we enter Wichita, Kansas. There is construction and the speed limit drops to 45 for a while. The construction is on the other side of a six foot wide, four foot high solid cement barricade. It seems to us to be a little bit of overkill. Kansas seems to have a high number of people with less-than-admirable driving skills.

10:15 am – 76.2 miles: Along I-135 here in Wichita is a huge channel between the two directions of the highway. It has water in it and looks to be pretty awesome. We officially like Wichita. Unfortunately for us, I-35 is a turnpike, a toll road. However, it looks like we’ll only be paying about $1.35 to get to Oklahoma City from here, so its really not that bad. The traffic on the turnpike is very light, making Scott and I think that the speed limit of 70 is a bit low, especially since we are paying. Dumb government involvement.

11:01 am – 128.0 miles: We are several miles Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City is a mere 107 miles away. Now all I need is a woman with which to share an Oklahoma greeting.

11:40 am – 173.4 miles: Switch drivers, Ryan takes the controls. Onward toward Oklahoma City.

3:46 pm – 384.9 miles: After stopping at Sallisaw to refuel and check oil, which was low again – we filled it up with the last of the oil from Laramie and bought some new oil, but the new oil looked funny so we didn’t put much in – its some sort of detergent-free oil. We will inquire about the meaning of that when we have a chance. The car seems to be burning about a quart of oil every 1000 miles. We have so far gone 2212 miles, and it is looking like, due to a later than normal start, we won’t be getting into Little Rock until 5:30 or 6:00pm. Cell phone reception has been fairly steady since we got to I-135 in Kansas. The south is well covered by Cingular. Earlier today we received a call from Jim Chatterly, my mom’s cousin, who we hoped would be our contact in the Los Angeles area. He seemed pleased with the idea and made me promise to keep a good trip journal. I hope this is good enough.

6:23 pm: We arrive at Brennan’s house; she and her parents are very welcoming. Brennan drives us to a fabulous Mexican restaurant, where her parents buy us the first real food we’ve had in a few days. We then return to their home where Scott and I clean up. I get online to upload this (though my cell phone, 8kpbs, thus no pictures until later) because I am a nerd, and later we will do something else fun.
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Road Trip Day 2

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Day 2 (Tuesday, December 02, 2003)

We woke up about 7 o’clock and took shower, ate some breakfast and got on the road again, on the road again.

7:40 am: Departed Salt Lake City. We have so far traveled 853.9 Miles, yeehaw.

8:30 am: Stopped in Park City, UT for gas.

9:00 am: Entered Wyoming, low gas prices ( excellent, muuuuu haa haaaaa haaa).

‘Tis a rugged landscape of snow swept broke hills of Wyoming, a desolate place indeed, no place for a delicate women. (Speak in Scottish brogue)

9:35 am – 117.4 miles: Scott takes over driving at exit 33. He could still use some manual transmission finesse, but he’s pretty good. Speed limit is 75. We be cruisin’.

9:48 am – 133.0 miles: We pass three girls on the road. They wave to us, but we cannot determine hotness because the sun is behind them.

11:50 am – 292.8 miles: We pass Sinclair, Wyoming. Its 95 miles to Laramie, but we are getting incredible gas mileage here in the high flat country and we can make it. There is a large oil refinery here, a tanker train waiting, and fire spewing, burning off leftovers.

1:30 pm – 390.2 miles: Stopped for gas. Added oil. Possibly the most hickish area we have ever encountered, overheard stories of women getting in fights to be the first into Wal-Mart after Thanksgiving.

2:14 pm – Entered the fabulous state of Colorado, we see mountains on the horizon.

2:39 pm – 475.1 miles: Scott starts driving again, at rest stop near exit 265. Denver is just over 50 miles away; we will get there with daylight. The question is how far we can get into Kansas before the end of the day. Here is Colorado, the State Police seem to be out in force, making sure a random selection of the population is forced to pay ridiculous fines for the universally broken speed limit. Way to destroy the rule of law you fascist Gestapo pigs! Scott and I are thinking that a radar detector might be a good purchase in Denver.

2:58 pm – 494.4 miles: Scott admits, “I have never seen real tumbleweed before, except in westerns.” Cell phone has service again, ever since Cheyenne it looks like. Only two bars right now though. We are listening to Murder City Devils songs – Scott has hours of them on his hard drive. They take on enigmatic names like “MU9F5D~1” due to a flaky hard drive back in the day. I, Ryan, left my iPod at home, so I have none of my music along, which I can live with, but a little bit on Linkin Park and Collective Soul would be nice from time to time too. Gas here in Colorado is cheap but a few cents more than in Wyoming.

3:34 pm – 532.8 miles: We somehow successfully navigate Denver’s confusing freeway interchanges and get from I-25 S to I-70 E. It seems they have miles of reduced speed limits and under construction/fines doubled signs, but we only saw actual work going on along one small stretch of road. Our next stop will likely be somewhere in Kansas. We decided against the radar detector for now at least – Denver would have been a pain to navigate at any rate. The sun is getting low in the horizon.

3:38 pm – Maybe the radar detector would have been a good idea. Just outside of Denver, Scott spotted the nose of a motorcycle cop. A quick application of the brakes before he got a bead on us probably saved us a ticket. The speed limit here on this wide open stretch of highway is 55 miles per hour. A ridiculously slow speed. A mile or so later, the speed limit suddenly rises to 75 as the road gets narrower and more rugged. “See you later Denver, we won’t miss you,” declares Scott.

4:57 pm – 635.6 miles – Stopped near Arriba to change drivers back to Ryan.

5:48 pm – 704.0 miles – Crossed into Kansas, I think we ARE in Kansas anymore.

6:03 pm – Stopped in Goodland, KS to refuel, with an absolutely astounding 40.5 mpg. Ryan keeps going, like a machine.

8:01 pm – 849.0 miles: At Ellis, KS, Scott takes over once again to close out the day. We talked to Brennan, our host in Little Rock. Scott talked to his dad and I talked to my brother and left a message for my parents. The ETA for Canton, where we are camping tonight is 10:15 pm. It looks like another half hour to the campsite, then either we will go straight to sleep or cook a little something something to eat. My back is bothering me a bit, and both of us are using lumbar support and our time away from the wheel to stay limber. The speed limit here in Kansas is a pretty steady 70mph, and we be cruising.’

9:49 pm – 975.8 miles: Scott notices a sign that says McPherson Lake, which we will be staying near. We recheck and find a more efficient way to get to the campground, assuming there is a campground there, which we realize we’re really not sure of. I start looking for alternatives in case the original plan doesn’t work out.
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Monday, December 1st

Roadtrip Day 1

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Day 1 (Monday, December 01, 2003)
We hit the road at 7:30 am and began our route toward Salt Lake City, Utah for the evening. The conditions are rainy and completely overcast, typical for Seattle. Although this rain may possibly change to snow in the Snoqualmie I-90 Mountain pass. Near Ellensburg, Washington we encountered some snow, which continued with us along I-82.

Nearing Umatilla, the three quarters of a tank of gas that we started with is almost exhausted. It is 11:00am and we are jamming to TLC’s “Waterfalls” on the radio, a song which we haven’t heard in ages. Then the Atari’s and “Boys of Summer” comes on. We’re more than a quarter of the way there, passing over the Columbia River into Oregon. Maybe we should have gotten gas before we entered this socialist state, but hey, Marc Anthony’s “I Need To Know” is on and it’s another wonderful experience.

Fuel stop #1 11:03am $17.74 – 10.442 gallons – 227.3 miles

11:57 am – Thick fog encountered on I-84 past Umatilla while climbing around mile post 224. By noon, we haven’t seen anyone in front of us or behind us in several minutes.

Stopped for lunch around 1:00 pm, switched drivers (Scott to Ryan).

Slipped by Idaho boarder undetected even by ourselves, 1:15 pm. We must have been distracted by the great acoustics of the Mars Volta.

3:07 pm: We stopped in Boise, ID. At the AAA we obtained tons worth of maps and information. We also stopped at a photography store to get Readyload 4x5 film for Scott’s view camera so he can take pretty pictures on the trip.

4:09 pm: Departed Boise, ID, worried the boys make an onward struggle toward the great town of Salt Lake; Ryan vows to let none get in his way.

4:50 pm: We stopped to fuel up in Mountain Home, ID and were pleasantly surprised and amazed to find that our fuel economy was a whopping 37.5 mpg. On road again and it is dark. -548 miles

At some point here we changed time zones; we don’t know when exactly, but we decided to set the clocks forward an hour here.

7:00 pm – ~630 miles: Stopped to stretch and switch drivers back to Scott just after passing Twin Falls. Got out the granola with raisins and Ryan’s computer bag to hold us over.

8:15 pm – 726 miles: encountered fog at mile 8, having just entered Utah. Scott keeps seeing signs for “ogeden” (as he pronounes it), which I, Ryan, keep explaining is pronounced “Ogden”, like it is spelled. Fog is thin and hardly dampens visibility before it is gone.

8:43 pm – 761 miles: Scott sees the outlines of the Wasatch Mountains and is duly impressed: “I’ve never seen real mountains before.” “Welcome to the Rockies,” I reply, “We get to cross those tomorrow.” We are three quarters of an hour out of Salt Lake City now. Clifton won’t be getting out of class until ten so we get to burn some time in SLC until then, it looks like.

9:45 pm: Clifton is home, but we decided to stop at Temple Square to see the lights. We got kicked out around 10:00, but got some pictures before. Around 10:20, we met up with Clifton and had a nice long deep discussion, then got around to doing this blog stuff.

And now for everyone who spent so much time reading this, the reward has come! The pictures!

Ryan Driving
Scott Takes The Wheel
Sticking to Sixty
Encountering a little bit of snow near Ellensburg
Is This a Good or Bad Omen?
Passing Cement, Oregon
Scott On The Phone In Boise, ID
Temple Sqaure 1
Temple Square 2
Temple Square 3
Ryan At Cliftons
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