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Longer Days

Well, its been a few days. Eventful days.

Tuesday night, I didn’t go to sleep. I stayed up all night working at perfecting my C coding skills, which I now consider perfected. Or at least I have become one with pointers to pointers, which I guess isn’t quite the same thing.

Wednesday I faded in and out of consciousness then went to sleep gloriously early, at 8:00pm. I slept 13 hours and was almost on time to my first class on Thursday.

Friday I worked and then helped Dan set up a wireless network at the Joint Practice field before eating at Northlake Pizza.

Saturday, was working on a CSE group project all day (more tomorrow too), then celebrating Courtney’s 23rd 22nd Birthday at Wild Ginger. I still owe her a gift.

Finally, I want to get rid of the Ford Escort, but I haven’t yet found the time. If I know you and you want it, you can have it. It doesn’t look good and it no longer runs good. But, it might not be completely worthless, especially to someone who has time and knowledge. Otherwise I will look into donating it or junk yarding it. I am also interested in other solutions anyone out there might have, but I am not interested in solutions that involve me spending time on it, such as parting it out.

Florida Gators

Florida Gators

Well that left no doubt.

But of course that means there is only one undefeated team

Playoffs anyone?

Long Days

Saturday was the FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff. It broadcasts live from Manchester New Hampshire where it is 10:00, so that means 7:00 here, which means getting up around 5:30. The local kickoff event is hosted by none other than the Titan Robotics Club, with generous support from the FIRSTWA/SRA, and DeVry Univeristy. Red Bull was kind enough to provide refreshments (in the form of Red Bull drinks, of course).

I recently discovered that a fellow CSE student, Helene, was a FIRST alum (from team 192, GRT), so I invited her along. With just a little bit of prodding, she accepted, and we both ended up enjoying ourselves while learning about the new game. Of course, I already had a sneak peak from helping assemble the rack on Friday night.

I had promised to get Helene home early, so I left immediately after the kickoff to take her back to the U-District. Next came soccer practice, at 12:30. Since intramural sports seem to be the only way I can coax myself to exercise regularly, I try to get involved with them every quarter. A big thanks to Scott for organizing it every quarter.

Next, I did some homework while organizing a movie-going expedition with Courtney. Along with Kunlun and Anne, we ended up seeing Children of Men, a wonderfully gritty apocalyptic offering. While the others I was with saw it as depressing, I have a way of seeing these sorts of films as very hopeful. Sure, the surroundings were grim — women are infertile and the whole world is self-destructing — but in the midst of it all, life is finding a way forward. I’d give the film an A, or a 4.5/5.

After the movie, I went over to Ananth’s place to watch the second half of the Seahawks game. Talk about a roller coaster! But the Hawks prevailed, so for now, all is well. Ananth was kind enough to feed me while at his apartment, so I didn’t have to do it myself. I also got a call from Maneesh right after the game, and we were able to go crazy over the phone together. It was a good time. After seeing the Sonics lose yet another game, I headed back home to work on some more homework, before succumbing to sleep fairly early.

Sunday, I woke up surprisingly late, considering how early I had fallen asleep. Most of the day was homework until I ended up at my parent’s for food. After dinner, Jon came over an we all watched the replay of the Boise State-Oklahoma game, which I must agree was the best college football game I have seen in a long time, perhaps ever. It seems that for the last few minutes of the game, and overtime, Boise State had simply run out of normal plays. Everything was a trick. Even my mom was excited. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

After the game, it was back to the homework. With the help of my Dad, I was finally able to quash a bug in some of my code, finishing the first part of an assignment due Wednesday. Of course, I have a lot of stuff due Monday, which I guess is today, as well, so I have to go home now and start on that. So much for a great start to the quarter; of course this is probably the most stuff I’ve had to do on a first week ever. Even the amount of reading is looking improbable. Oh well, this is what I signed up for I guess.

Catharsis: A Letter To Ryan

December 4, 2002

Ryan McElroy
28 Broadbent Hall

Dear Ryan,

This letter explains the action of the Honor Code Office regarding your decision to leave Brigham Young University as a consequence of violating the Honor Code. A registration hold has been placed on your record, requiring you to sever all formal connections with the university, including university employment and BYU approved housing, effective December 20, 2002. Please work with the Discontinuance Office (B-150 ASB, (801) 378-7705) to properly discontinue your registration. The only exception to this policy is Independent Study. The earliest that you might be eligible to return to BYU is Winter Semester 2004. Moreover, BYU reserves the right to delay or deny re-admission after you meet the conditions outlined in this letter. Ryan, you must be willing to do whatever is necessary to overcome this behavioral problem.

From now until December 20, 2002, you are required to abide by the behavioral provisions of the Honor Code. Any failure to do so will result in your being required to leave the university immediately.

Should you wish to reenter Brigham Young University, you are required to comply with the following conditions. You will also need to complete the conditions outlined in the Honor Code Office Letter dated December 17, 2001.

  1. Bishop Support: Develop a plan with your authorized bishop to assist you in maintaining your life in full congruence with the BYU Honor Code. When you fulfill all the requirements of the plan, have your bishop send me a letter indicating your satisfactory completion and providing a recommendation regarding your return to good Honor Code standing.
  2. Counseor Support: Verify though a letter from a professional therapist approved by the Honor Code Office that you have satisfactorily participated in an on-going conseling program and that conditions leading to your leaving school have been resolved. Also, it is recommended that you participate in an ongoing support group.
  3. Reading and Writing Assignment: Write a reflection paper from the book entitled Bonds That Make Us Free by Terry Warner. This paper is to be turned in to the Honor Code Office in a timely manner.
  4. Additional Reading and Writing Assignment: Write a reflection paper from the article entitled The Pornography Trap by Victor B. Cline and Brad Wilcox. This one page paper is to be turned in to the Honor Code Office within one month of the date you signed your letter that you are leaving the university.
  5. Personal Journal: Keep a journal and make at least three entries per week. Use this time to record your experiences, reading and reflections on issues related to the Honor Code, particularly the Cline and Wilcox article and Warner’s book. Also reflect on the four aims of a BYU education which are (1) to enlarge the intellect, (2) to strengthen the spirit, (3) to build character, and (4) to prepare for life-long learning and service. To protect your privacy, I will ask your bishop to verify that you have accomplished this condition.
  6. Exemplary Living Environment: Confirm in a letter to the Honor Code Office that you have complied with the following two conditions: first, that you have refrained from participating in any social interactions or events (on or off campus) which may invite or lead to the Honor Code being violated; and secondly, that you have maintained a living environment which is supportive of academic endeavors and is free of Honor Code violations. These two conditions are to help you avoid any further violations of the Honor Code.
  7. Sustain the Honor Code: In your letter to the Honor Code Office, attest that you have obeyed the Honor Code in its entirety; and tell what you have done to support others in their commitment to live it.

Enclosed is an Application for Clearance of an Honor Code Hold. When you have completed the conditions and believe that you have made sufficient progress to return, submit the enclosed form with the required documentation. The Honor Code Office will review your application. If the hold is removed, you will need to apply for readmission to the university.

Ryan, I regret that this action has become necessary; yet, I believe that you can meet this challenge with determination and success.



Steven M. Baker

Enc: Application for Clearance of an Honor Code Hold

pc: Bishop Robert Wilson
President Rand H. Packer

I have read and understood the above letter and agree to live by the conditions outlined. I understand that withdrawing on my own ends the university process including reviews.

Signed, Ryan McElroy, 12/4/2002

First Day Frenzy

Through diligence last night I was able to get my sleep schedule under control for the start of classes today. The day was a somewhat eventful, though short because of there being no BioEn 305 lab today. On my way to class, my bike betrayed me and sent me sprawling onto the pavement in a most unpleasant way. Bruised and dirtied but otherwise unharmed, I continued on to my first class of the day, my Bioengineering Physiology and Transport lecture.

I already like the teacher more than I ever did last quarter’s physiology teacher. I get the feeling that the material will be less rote memorization and more applied memorization. Sure, memorization is still involved, but at least I feel it it useful in this case. Also, the teacher this quarter seems much more organized, so I think the “need” for surprise extra lectures (that I was unable too attend due to work) will be eliminated. After class, I talked briefly with Alice, waved to Dennis and Christine, and rode off to my next class.

Next came Operating Systems. The class should be interesting and informative, as all CSE classes seem to be. After a one hour break spent in the computer labs with Jason and Felix, I headed to my Software for Embedded Systems class, another one that promises to be interesting and informative, even if I already have some experience in the area. There, I met up with Weija, a friend from several quarters ago with whom I had lost touch. It turns out she spent the last two quarters at an internship with Intel, which explains why I never saw her. To achieve her graduation date, she is signed up for 5 CSE classes this quarter, and a total of 24 credits. I hope she drops at least one, because otherwise I am sure she will suffer in a multiplicity of ways.

I noticed that one of those five classes Weija was signed up for was a class I had been looking into, Software Engineering. Since it fit my schedule, I decided to tag along and see how it was. I was excited to see a lot of my CSE friends in the class, I was also well aware of the fact that taking it would push me to 20 credits, which I feel I could not successfully attempt while still working to any significant degree. Also, I have heard from numerous sources that winter quarter of the junior year is the toughest of the Bioengineering curriculum. So, I reluctantly but wisely decided to avoid adding the additional class. Especially with the Titan Robotics Club ramping up for another FIRST robotics season (despite my lower level of involvement), I am sure that I will have enough to do this quarter.


I had a great time ushering in the new year — and I’m glad I have so many great friends. May this year bring happiness and prosperity.