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75% to 31%

A friend just sent me this link. The lack of real options is somewhat infuriating (its only Kerry vs Bush; it only lists the media-driven “issues”), but it seems to do a pretty good job nonetheless.

I scored Bush 75%, Kerry 31%.

I want to make one of these that doesn’t artificially limit choices, and lets users answer questions with more than a one-axis of differentiation. I’m neither “in favor” or “opposed” to appointing judges that would make abortion illegal, because thats not the real issue for me. I’m in favor of judges that would limit the federal government’s role on that issue, and all other issues as well. This is completely unaccounted for in this test. But hey, give it a shot anyway.

Ironically, the second time I checked my results, both candidates score 0%…

Does that mean I’m like Badnarik 95%, Cobb 5%?


2 Responses to “75% to 31%”

  1. Erik Says:

    “Does that mean I’m like Badnarik 95%, Cobb 5%?”
    Actualy there are allot of liberals who also agree with libertarians, i.e. the libertarians are kind of out of the circle of left and right.

  2. Arcanius Says:

    Testing humanality

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