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750 gigabytes

Yesterday after dropping Alice off at the airport, I cam back via 405 and stopped at Fry’s, where I picked up a couple of 750gb Seagate SATA hard drives for $230 each plus tax. Last night, I stayed up late installing the drives and a controller I also purchased into my former roommate Dan’s computer. Everything went smoothly, until I tried installing FreeNAS and the computer wouldn’t boot. So instead, I installed Ubuntu and followed this guide to setting up software RAID 1 on the two drives. This will provide me with about 750,000,000,000 bytes of redundant storage in an always-on configuration. Unfortunately, Dan’s computer is not very quiet, so probably the next step in this process is going to be getting a nice, quiet computer case and a motherboard with a built in SATA controller (or PCI express) so that the full speed of these drives can be unleashed. The step after that involves probably another couple of 750gb disks and perhaps an Infrant ReadyNAS or a Buffalo TeraStation. Fortunately, 750gb will give me plenty of time to figure out what I’m going to do next.

What I’m really excited for, however, is the possibility of using ZFS on a NAS at some point in the future.

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  1. Ben Says:

    ooh! ZFS! Now I’m jealous!

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