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One Response to “756”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    What, was there some recent news that makes 756 particularly important? Perhaps you are referring to these events?

    If you are referring to Bonds, BIG F***ING ASTERIX. His own leaked testimony basically admitted to using “The Clear” and “The Cream”, just not knowingly. As one expert aptly said “The only way that got into his system by accident is if he sat on a syringe.” The whole point of those two drugs in combination is that they were specifically designed to fool existing testing regimes of the time. So what if he never flunked a steroid test if the steroids he was using couldn’t be tested? Oh, and when this all went down he conveniently decides to take a year off to heal an old injury (and presumably to flush his system of the steroids before a new test could be developed)? Another complaint I have heard is that his arm “armor” is designed to give him incredible mechanical advantage, as the whole thing locks rigid during his swing. Such devices are now prohibited, but he has been using it for long enough that he is grandfathered in. I have seen some articles suggesting this may be far more significant than the “alleged” drug use.

    The real sad thing is that Bond was once a shoe in for the hall of fame, and I really question whether a lot of people will vote for him now.

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