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A Classic Let-Down

This evening was the Titan Robotics Club’s high school interest meeting. Chief among the plethora or failures was the anemic attendence. Causes of this are that the people who signed up to be contacted about the interest meeting were never contacted and that the flyers informing students of the meeting were only posted around the school today. Not so hot, guys. Especially considering the number of warnings that the leaders got that this was going to happen. Other failures included outdated and plain wrong information in the presentation (which, coincidentally hadn’t undergone any review), promises made that had not been discussed or even mentioned to any others, and general confusion and unpreparedness.
Unfortunately, exactly what we expected, so lets move along.

2 Responses to “A Classic Let-Down”

  1. Arcanius: the weBLog » Titan Robotics pisses people off Says:

    […] cult to figure out what is happening and when…. Yeah, that is exactly what happened last time. I just hope this meeting went a little more smoothly. […]

  2. Tim Says:

    This kind of lack of planning never happened under the excellent leadership we had last year :). The only thing I can say is you had better get another interest meeting planned. You need all the members you can get.

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