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A Full Week

– Monday I had a Economics Midterm. I think I did very well. In security we learned to pick locks, a skill I had to put to use several months ago to “break” into a room in my house. That afternoon, I TA’d a robotics lab session, and then went on a run with Bobby, Spencer, and Theo.

– Tuesday I worked a long time on Robotics, trying to finish up the lab before the students (this effort was mostly successful)

– Wednesday we started on Dynamic Games in game theory.

– Thursday was my long day, but I was able to go to the later section, so I was done with school in 12 hours instead of the normal 13.

– Friday I finished up my Security homework, shot some pistols, and watched Benjamin Button.

– Saturday I blogged.

2 Responses to “A Full Week”

  1. susan Says:

    you dare to rank on my steelers!!!!!! I prefer them to play dirty and win so who cares about those refs! I saw the replays….I think it was all LEGITIMATE. But I still love you!

  2. brita Says:

    hi now on facebook new work is children of joy long live facebook and the energy spreading nucleaus of its life. econ is so fancinating numbers are better then words can words be numbers lets just number each other. Ok 515 over and out love peace and joy

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