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A long delay with no update

Today was the first day of classes at BCC. I had Calculus of Several Variables (Multivar) at 10:30 and Photography at 12:30. Both classes went well – and I have a friend in each. My other class, Tennis, starts tomorrow. It is interesting going back to school, but it was an easy transition, even if things aren’t as familiar as they would be at BYU. At least there is snow-covered grass and contruction to make me feel at home.

Multivar is going to be a real class, I have some brush up on Calc I and II that I’ll need to do if I want to get a jump start in that class. Photography should be relatively easy since I already know most of everything there is to know about the camera side of things. I’ll still have a lot to learn about what happens after the camera, but thats why took the class, so I should enjoy it.

After the photography class, Dan, my friend in the class, and I went to Glazer’s Photography in Seattle where we together purchased 10 rolls of Ilford HP5 Plus 400 – Black and White film, 36 exposures each roll, 100 sheets of Ilford photographic paper, and some plastic sheet negative protectors. We then went to Vetco where I was once again surprised at how expensive easy-to-use ethernet jacks are. With cable modem being installed tomorrow, 100 meters of cat 5 (or is it 6?) cable sitting in the living room, the jacks and wall plates are all that really stand between me and having my own dedicated 1.5 Mbps connection to the internet. I must thank the kind neighbors for all the internet I have borrowed over the months since I learned about Wi-Fi.

In computer-land, I was disappointed with PHP homepage. It parses very slowly on silverfir. Even a faster machine, performance wouldn’t be stellar and there were no particular features I needed. I still plan on a major overhaul of at some point, turning it into a more full-featured website instead of just a weblog, but with the ‘blog as the main updated component. This is mainly so I have a better way to display my photos.

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