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A Pretty Productive Day

Today was a good day. I managed to make it to tennis early, do better than expected on a Diff. Eq. quiz, get my photo assignment done and turned in, all before noon. Then, since Id din’t have work for the first weekday in forever, I was able to eat lunch at a leisurely pace, send a package to scott, donate blood, mow the lawn, and get some photogrphy in as well. I then watched some TV, something which I very rarely do, and I was quickly reminded of why I only very rarely watch TV. I also played some CS, but began feeling sick so now I’m preparing to sleep it off.

In other good news, I got to see Stu Bloom, a “gracious professional” who posted a scathing personal attack on me on the Chief Delphi forums stuck in an elevator in this video (careful, its big).

A good day overall.

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