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A To-Do List

I was reflecting recently on my short-term plans, so I thought I’d enumerate a list:
a. Decommission oasis as my desktop machine (I haven’t actually turned it on in weeks).
b. Remove the S.B. Audigy II Platinum and CD-RW drive from oasis and store for next desktop machine.
c. Move the SCSI cards and drives from the dead-by-power-supply server machine to oasis.
d. Install Gentoo Linux with EVMS (?), Apache, PHP, Tomcat (?), MySQL, Exim, ProFTPd, and maybe a few other services — all secure as needed.
e. Move oasis back to a higher bandwidth location, switch DNS resolution back over as well.
f. At some future point, set up VPN or otherwise secure file sharing on so I can access my [mp3’s | documents | videos | other files] from anywhere in the world with my laptop and an internet connection.
2. Other stuff
a. Research and purchase a digital video camera before the FIRST Pacific Northwest Regional on March 5-6.
b. Get 2001 TRC thank you awards that are sitting in Tim’s house to proper people.
c. Research and purchase components to build a new desktop.
i. Better than P4 2.8 Ghz (Current laptop)
ii. High end graphics card
iii. Flippin’ fast disk arrays — perhaps software RAID 0 for video editing.

d. Help design of kitchen remodel at my house
e. Talk to International School principal about keeping portables around after this year for use by TRC.
f. Finish writing thank you letters to the rest of my hosts on the road trip (Better late than never).
g. Study for math, so I can ace my next midterm, so I can play CS again.
h. I keep thinking of more things, but I’ll stop there.

Notice the order. This is why I’m not doing so well in math.

One nice thing about this computer: While its DVD reader only gets about 2x on rips, I don’t even notice any latency anywhere else on the system. I actually rather prefer it this way — multitasking as it was meant to be.

Well, today was rather uneventful. Math didn’t have enough content, I studied with Amanda for the test; consequently, we both did well. I then finished my second roll for the assignment due Wednesday, then developed it after quick lunch and picking up the DVD I am currently ripping (TRC’s 2003 Pacific Northwest Regional Matches) and dropping that off to a waiting Chris and Tim at BCC. Then I went to my mom’s office and helped her with some Word Page layout, then it was off to Tim’s to check on progress of the TRC’s video for the assembly on Wednesday. I also bid on a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro — but he decided a 240% annualized rate of return wasn’t enough for him, so I didn’t get it. Yet. But it did get me to thinking about getting a new computer, thus (1) and (2c) above. After that it was a quick jaunt home for dinner (Corn tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, and chili) before heading to the Walt and Karen’s place to carpool to Benaroya Hall in Seattle to listen to the Archdiocese of Seattle’s Catholic School’s Choirs perform. It was mostly good — my favorite of the night was Sacred Names school’s “Three Ways to Vacuum a House” which featured a vacuum cleaner prop and no director. Then it was back home to blog. A good day.

Now I just hope the nice nested lists copy over to Greymatter alright.

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