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A Wedding to Remember

Sunday Evening, Jeana got married. The ceremony took place at the Eastridge Christian Assembly in Issaquah, and it was a very traditional, convervative, religious Christian ceremony. Unlike the Greek Orthodox ceremony that I attended in Baltimore, I got the distinct feeling that this one was much less about tradition and much more about faith and what the bride and groom wanted.

After the ceremony, whose only fault I felt was the pastor refering to plastic cups (and not the wine therein) as representitive of the blood of Christ, we headed out for Renton, where the reception was held. A couple hundred people all enjoyed some of the best catered food available. The salads were fresh; the main dish was very good, and presentation was a worthy performance as well.

After dinner, dessert, and some toasts, the music came up, and the festivities really began. There was dancing, which normally I don’t enjoy all that much, but among friends (and hot girls you knew in high school), its hard to not enjoy yourself.

Throughout the night Jeana was beautiful and beaming, and Seth was (understandably) no less happy. They seem to be a great couple, and I wish them all the best.

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