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A Wednesday to Remember

You may have noticed that I always seem to be in a good mood when posting these entries. Well, I have noticed too, and it clearly means I should post more often since reflecting on my life, in general, tends to make me happy.

Early this morning, before going to sleep, I got closer to finishing Timeline. After waking up, which was hard, I made it to Calculus and then dropped by Dan’s place where I took a look at his darkroom setup. He has converted his laundry room to have everything needed to make prints. While the school has bigger, sturdier, and more specialized equipment, this laundry-room darkroom will be indispensable when the school�s darkroom is crowded with students. Also, the hours are more convenient. We went to class together. The teacher repeated his lecture on f-stops and shutter speeds. As exciting as it is (which it is not), I knew all the content before the first lecture, and the third time didn�t make it any more endearing. Dan is convinced that our teacher is paid by the word. After the lecture, we went into the darkroom to learn how to make contact prints and test strips. Useful information, if we had had any time left to use it.

After a small lunch, Dan and I returned to the darkroom. He had only set up 5×7 developing bins, so I made a few 5×7 prints displaying the effects of different apertures. I still need to finish off my last roll and develop it. I also want to use the BCC darkroom for some full-page contact prints and some 8×10 work.

Windows is installed on Kleinoscope — It will still be until the weekend at least until it is fully functional with all the programs on Mobius here. After I get the cord on Mobius repaired, I have to figure out what to do with it. One thought that has crossed my mind is to sell both laptops and with the resulting funds buy a very nice Dell laptop with swappable battery packs, a real video card, higher resolution, and so on. The two computers combined should go for over $2000. That�s quite a laptop. Nevertheless, the original idea behind Mobius is that it would be a long-term investment � a productivity laptop that would last years. That�s why I got a protection plan for it – a decision that in hindsight I would reconsider, but it still has a year and a half to make itself worthwhile. If I want a high-power machine, then I think I should get a new desktop. But these are all hard decisions. It�s interesting how winning a laptop can lead to so many more questions.

I am writing this in MS Word, so that spelling gets corrected. I hope it makes things easier to read. Leave a comment (like anybody does that) to let me know what you think. Tennis at 8:30 tomorrow, so I had better begin getting ready for bed.

3 Responses to “A Wednesday to Remember”

  1. Shai Says:

    Blah… it’s not any different than it was before. Your spelling is pretty good normally.

  2. Dan (the little one) Says:

    Ryan, I am so happy I no longer have to spend my precious time deciphering your terribly misleading spelling.

    jk, ;-), its always been good dude.

  3. Dan (the little one) Says:

    Good, now I am no longer stuck wasting my precious time trying to decipher your terrible spelling.

    ;-) jk–its always been great :-D

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