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Absolutely Amazing

Microsoft has just upped the ante again in what has, for me, become the most interesting battle between Google and Microsoft yet: displaying ariel photography. This time, Microsoft’s Windows Live Local provides “Birds Eye” views of (from what I have seen so far) much of King County, and perhaps other places as well. The Bird’s Eye views differ from regular ariel photography in that they are much higher resolution, and intentionally at an angle — so a North-facing view is significiantly different than a south-facing view. The images produced are truly incredible:

Red Square (Univeristy of Washington)

Where I will be in about 30 minutes (Chem Library, UW)

More later, class calls.

3 Responses to “Absolutely Amazing”

  1. Says:

    Even more maps – Windows Live Local

    This is a map service, like Google Maps and Yahoo! Maps. To this service Microsoft brings the incredible Bird´s Eye View. You can view the entire city as if you were a bird. Well, maybe not a bird, but it´s awesome..
    According to MSTechToday, Wind…

  2. Ryan Says:

    Stevens Court Appartments (UW)

    Neighborhood in Capitol Hill where I might stay

    Neighborhood near Greenlake where I might stay

  3. Ryan Says:

    Statue of Liberty

    The White House, for some reason, isn’t as clear as everything else………

    The Capitol too…

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