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Ack! Three days without a post!

Perhaps the best part of the new computer is that I’ve been able to use my Sound Blaster Audigy again. While I haven’t gotten around to setting up the 4.1 surround sound again yet, the sound quality is so much better with the Audigy than the poor, poor amps in the laptops that it is truly a different experience both in headphones and on the Stereo.

Work has been good, but it is hard to get into a homework mode afterwards. Angeringly, but perhaps fortunately, Comcast is sucking it up in the ping and packet loss department (I ran some ping tests last night to confirm that it wasn’t a wireless link on my side), so counterstrike is a pain for me and those playing me with all my teleportation.

I started work on a scouting database program for nationals. I hope I’ll get it done in time; If not, there is always the plane ride and wednesday and thursday before the finals begin. T miunus one week until we leave. I can hardly wait.

But before then, I have three photography assignments to complete and probably a bunch of computer programs to write and lots of diff.eq. to study. Fun stuff!

Last night I enabled Magic Quotes so Bobby’s Uberblog-powered site would work properly. Its unfortunate that Dris doesn’t instead use the “addslashes” function, but until that time, I’m willing to compromise.

The nieces are over for another day it looks like, and I’m pretty tired – thats what I get for my inconsistent sleep schedule I guess.

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  1. Bobby Moretti Says:

    Dris says that in UB 2.0, he will have an if (magic_quotes) () (dont know the actual php syntx) so this will no longer be a problem. Thanks, Ryan!

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