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Stayed up all night working on my 25-page paper. It is now up to 18 pages. I think I’ll make it. It looks pretty goo so far.

Fortunately, this plethora of school/work/bike trip preparations will end soon, and I will only have one thing to worry about: pedaling.

Circuits test: 79. Not great, but not the end fo the world. I guess I’m getting a B in that class. I think that’ll be my first B from BCC. Oh well, getting out just in time I guess. I graduate this August.

I still have a personal statement to write for UW Bioengineering. Before I leave, hopefully.

4 Responses to “All-Nighter”

  1. Ben McElroy Says:

    You can do it! Good luck with the UW statement. Make it a good one. BTW if you need a proofreader/2nd pair of eyes, I’m available. Wishing you the best.

  2. Adam Hays Says:

    Man I hate long papers. I just got my blog set back up so I thought hat I would post on your site so you know to come and check it out.

  3. TonyB. Says:

    Have fun on your trip, I’ll sure miss your help with the Bluetooth problems I constantly run into!

  4. nordsieck Says:

    Indeed. Have fun on your trip.

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