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Alt-Tab Replacemnet

A group conversation over a math project led me to this new task switcher, a very cool little power toy for Windows XP that resembles somewhat the task switching in Mac OS X, with a window preview to help you figure out which window you actually want to switch to, which is especially useful for when you have multiple instances of the same application open. I suggest it to any user of Windows XP.

4 Responses to “Alt-Tab Replacemnet”

  1. Adam Hays Says:

    Awsome. It’s good to see Microsoft come out with something good for a change.

  2. Erik Says:

    I am not totaly sure what is going on but I get really stupid things happeing when I try to tab over to windows that are currently in my taskbar. They come out of the tast bar but are still minimized! When I click the “make big” button it does not change!

  3. Arcanius Says:

    You’re right – when you have the window minimized, the preview doesn’t work. Oh well. Don’t minimize stff I guess?

  4. Adam Hays Says:

    I realized that as soon as I got it. I like not minimizing things because it reminds me more of my friends that use Mac OS X because they never have anything minimized. I personaly like the new alt tab feture and I use it all the time. Way to go Bill, youre not completely useless.

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