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Today, I submitted my transfer application for admission the the University of Washington for Autumn 2005. Yeah, its almost two months late, but an application with a plea is better than no application at all, as I see it.

Next step is to apply to the BioEngineering department, my first choice major. Apparently, besides being the #1 program in the nation, it is also the most competitive at the UW. Good times.

4 Responses to “Applied”

  1. Ben McElroy Says:

    Late?!!! ARGHHHHHH! Maybe you should have waited for winter? But yeah, best of luck with all that. I’ll be cheering for you back here in the “happy valley.”

  2. nordsieck Says:

    Good luck Ryan!

  3. Shai Says:

    Good luck!

  4. dc Says:

    Good luck Ryan. If you’re interested, Jiro is in the BioE department at UW — And I know someone else who graduated last year and is doing internships in Cambridge — both of whom are easily accessible through AIM :D

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