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Arcanius, Reloaded

Eariler (hey, yesterday!), I talked about a doodle that I made during a meeting at work which I thought would be a perfect symbol for Arcanius. To please my ever-faithful audience, I decided not to be lazy this time, and actually upload it.

For reference, here is the old Arcanius symbol, designed by my brother:
The old Arcanius symbol

And the newfangled Arcanius symbol, my recent brainchild:
The new Arcanius symbol

Of course, each of these can be stylized to the heart’s content, but I thought I’d present them in their most basic form for now (ok, I’m not that un-lazy). Please let me know what you think, about both the new and the old.

3 Responses to “Arcanius, Reloaded”

  1. Shai Says:

    The old was a good one… and having seen it since I’ve known you, it will always be your symbol… but heck, out with the old and in with the new. I love the new one. It’s got so much more… emotion to it.

  2. dc Says:

    that old one was cool 8 years ago, but it now gives off an atari-ish, 80’s feel. New one is definitely a good upgrade – certainly feels like an evolution… reminds me of the star of david.. might be why shai finds it emotional :D

  3. Shai Says:

    Well, that wasn’t really the reason I felt it had more emotion in it. The old just has a more “straight-faced” and stolid look to it.

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