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I just got back from Bellingham, home of Western Washington University and several of my friends. I went up with Shai and Theo, mainly to see Beth and eat at Lemongrass. We were halfway successful. A late start due to a Magic release party attended by both Shai and Theo, and a bike ride in the U-District I went on with Dan in search of Watermelons (and other forms of food), then a heavy desk to move, and Half-Life 2 pushed the departure time to about 8:00pm Saturday night. We capped the night by (well, some of us) watching Antz and then playing some Phase 10. The morning saw us eating pnacakes, and then a late lunch at the a different Thai resturant, where the food was alright, but the service sucked tards. Oh well, not every grass is a LemonGrass.

4 Responses to “Bellinghamming”

  1. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Phase 10 is awesome. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel like enough people know about that game…kinda like Mafia.

  2. Shai Says:

    Yeah it is… too bad we only played Phase 8 ;). Had an awesome time though. And wow! Halflife 2 rocks. Gotta get that on Wednesday…

  3. Davis Says:

    Care to explain Phase 10? Sounds fun.

  4. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Davis, there are some Phase 10 rules listed here.

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