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Bikes and Food

After a lazy morning wake up and watching some soccer, housemates Adrien, Kunlun, and I went out for a Sunday bike ride. We headed down to the Burke-Gilman Trail, which we took to Gasworks Park, only two miles away (and mostly downhill at that). There, I ate a peanut butter sandwich and some chips with salsa. After enjoying the view for a while longer, we decided to head into Ballard and ended up at the Ballard locks. It has been quite a long time since I was last there, and it was a lot of fun to see them in action again.

After the locks, we headed back, then jumped in Kunlun’s car to hit up the food and fine women at an open house potluck for the graduating Patricia, a family friend. After a good time was had by all, we headed to my parent’s place for a walk and chilling out before arriving back here. In all, it was quite a good amount of biking with lots of good food and a few fine women.

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