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Breaking and Entering

My roommate Adam had the birght idea of leaving his computer on playing music, locking his door and window, and then leaving the house (although I didn’t figure that out immediately). Even though it was annoyingly loud, I didn’t give a fuss until I was ready to go to sleep a few minutes ago. I went and knocked, recieving no answer. So I knocked louder. Still no answer. At the suggestion of Kunlun, I checked outside, and sure enough his Jeep was gone. I called him, and he didnt answer. So I tried for a while to drown out his music with my own — which worked, but wasn’t a successful way to get to sleep. Finally, I had had enough. I gave one more series of knocks which could not be ignored, then told my other roommates “I’m going in,” which I proceeded to do. Hollow doors are depressingly easy to kick open, I have learned. Moments later, his speakers were off, his comptuer shut down, and his audio cables unplugged. The door even closed and locked afterwards, although it was somewhat worse for the wear. He might not notice, but for the angry message I left on his phone where I ended with “and no, I won’t pay for the door.” Mind you, this is before I had made the decision to go in. I don’t know if I would have used such fighting words had I already done it.

2 Responses to “Breaking and Entering”

  1. dc Says:

    yikes – sounds awful fierce…

  2. Ryan Says:

    Roommate and I have made ammends. It went better than I thought it might have.

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