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Checksum Arcanius

A long-promised, long-overdue event occured today: I finally updated the look of my site. It isn’t perfect – in IE, it has a few rendering glitches – but I don’t view it in IE very often, so I don’t care. If someone wants to help me out in this area, feel free. Otherwise it may be a while (just this update certainly took its time).

Let me know what you think. I like it myself. But then I suppose I wouldn’t have done it otherwise :-D.

7 Responses to “Checksum Arcanius”

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  2. Davis Says:

    nice! I love the new banner!

  3. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Looks good. Nice work! I, of course, had to refresh Firefox to see all the new changes, but I like it.

  4. Bobby Moretti Says:

    Wow Ryan! Way to go!

  5. Tim Says:

    First off, I really like the new style. Good job.

    Here are possible solutions to your CSS problems in IE:
    1: The too narrow menu bar. It can be worked around if you explicitly specify the width. For some reason the statement you need is already in your CSS file, but it is commented out. Just uncomment width: 10em;.

    2: The blue stripe below the picture on top. The problem is because you are using the position : absolute; statement in your CSS file and IE does not properly conform to the CSS standards. A quick cheap hack is to replace margin: 0; with margin-top: -3px; within div#content. This moves everything within the content div up 3 pixels which will remove the stripe. Of course it will also move it up in firefox, but 3 missing pixels are unnoticeable.

  6. Dan Moretti Says:

    Cool. Love it. Love the shades.

  7. Adam Hays Says:

    Nice. What a PIMP.

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