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Circuits Midterm Redux

The circuits midterm I just finished was not as bad as everyone made it seem by staying, to a person, until the end of class. The last midterm saw people walking out halfway through the period; there was no equivalent for this one. While I too was pushed to the brink and in fact did not finish the last problem, I am convinced I could have, if only I hadn’t messed up on each of the first three problems, only to catch myself later and return to fix the error. In short, I could have aced it, but I didn’t because of the dumb little things. I’m disappointed, because I don’t get bitten this way too often, but it is still better than I probably would have done, had I not had a gestalt about second order differential equations after lunch today. So overall, I am pleased. We shall see how I feel on Monday, when the test is returned.

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