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Are boring and dark.

After two days of room-hopping at the 2007 CRS Conference, I have seen two presentations that I considered worthwhile: one by a German scientist about flavor encapsulation, and a second by a guy working with a company that has developed transdermal drug patches with the unique twist of perforating the skin before applying the patch, allowing drug delivery rates and properties that rival intravenous injection. So, two days, two useful talks. Not the best rate…

So instead of putting up with more dark rooms and poor speakers, I decided to return to my hotel room, watch some TV, do some homework, surf the web, and rest. It was nicer, though a little lonely. Fortunately, Dan called with news of the Toronto International Film Festival, which I will be attending in early September. It looks like we’ll be aiming for a 50-movie package if we are able to split the tickets among the three of us (Dan, Scott, and Ryan).

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