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CSE Affiliates

Today amidst my classes and lab work, I spent a few hours chatting it up and dropping resumes off at the CSE Affiliates fair, an event where a bunch of companies that want to hire UW CSE students show up to get resumes and convince people they are worth working for. Among the companies I talked to:

  • Yahoo (opening office in downtown Bellevue)
  • Intel
  • Redfin (Real estate… have two friends working there)
  • Zillow (Real estate… one friend there)
  • Adobe (Two friends)
  • Apple
  • Cray
  • Pluggd (Video & Audio search… they seemed particularly interested in me)
  • Microsoft
  • Cozi (Family organization products)
  • Chief Architect (Home Design software, Coeur D’Alene, ID)
  • Pure Networks (Network Setup Software)
  • Adapx (makers of a Smart Pen)
  • Marchex (Cool water bottle givers, online advertising)
  • Tableau (Data visualization)
  • Pelago (Outdoing Google Local)
  • Teranode (Life sciences modeling software)
  • TalentSpring (Resume Social Networking)
  • Google

I may have even missed a few that I talked to — there was a lot going on!  At any rate, Google is last on purpose — I didn’t actually drop a resume there, as I did at the rest of the places on the list. This is because I have already been in contact with Google, and I have a phone interview with them on Friday afternoon.

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  1. Stickman Says:

    Woo! Let me know how the Googleness goes. That’s awesome.

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