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Discombobulated Day

Today was the first day of summer classes. It was also the first day of trying out my last-minute schedule change. I started the day out at work, leaving at noon to head to school. However, I left my house keys at work, so I had to rely on my roommate Doug to get back into the house. Fortunately, I have an extra room key in my backpack, so I still had access to my room. That would soon change.

I left again to go to my 4:30 Capstone class, which went well enough although Christine didn’t show and has decided to drop the class because she enjoys her CREE activities more than she anticipates enjoying her Capstone activities. Then Dennis treated me and Teresa to dinner before I headed back home. Good thing too, because once again I was locked out, but this time I had to wait for Enpei to get back, about an hour later, to get into the house. I spent the time reading a journal article for my CREE project and catching some accidental sleep.

Not long after this, Hoyin came over to pick up a network cable, and I ended up dropping him off at his new condo on First Hill to avoid wallowing in deep thought about the way things might have been. After dropping Hoyin off and checking out his new pad, I decided to scurry on over to Bellevue to pick up the just-delivered new laptop of wonderfulness from my Mom’s office where it was delivered. More on the laptop (a Dell Latitude D630) another day.

Returning home, I let myself in to the house with just-departed roommate Daniel’s old key. Unfortunately, I had failed to bring along the extra room key, which was still in my backpack, locked securely inside the room. I tried carding the door and forcing it open without breaking anything with no success. Enlisting Enpei’s help yet again, we were about to climb up on his megavan to attempt to gain access to my room, but then I spotted a ladder. Finally, I climbed into the thankfully cracked open second story window to my room while Enpei stabilized the ladder below me.

So, there is a happy ending, to this day at least. Now I get to wish again for a happy ending to some other chapters of my life.

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  1. Stickman Says:

    Just leave the key under the mat. No one will find it.

    While you’re at it, put your password as the login message for your server. Just in case you forget it.

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