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Not long ago, I “upgraded” to Trillian 3.0 Basic, since Trillian 2.0 Pro was crashing when I started it up. However, Trillian 3 is awful:

  1. It isn’t skinnable. While its default skin in not bad, it wasn’t as good or nearly as compact as my skin of choice, Beacon Pro. Of course, the “Pro” version allows skins, but more on that later.
  2. It takes forever to load. Ok, not quite forever, but it does take at least 5 times as long, and perhaps 10 times as long to load. Since Trillian 2.o Pro did everything I wanted it to, the extra time waiting for it to start – disk reading and processor fully utilized the entire time – did not make me happy.
  3. It doesn’t take plug-ins. This is probably something that their “Pro” version allows, but all I wanted was HTML profiles – nothing else remotely interested me. I’m not going to shell out another $25 just so I can get one plugin and one skin.
  4. Which brings me to the last topic, the one year deal-io. I paid $25. Most places that I do that are nice and give lifetime upgrades. Not Ceurelian Studios. This fact – which to their credit they do not try to hide in any way – almost made me balk at buying the Pro version, but it ended up being a good decision when I did. However, if they want people to buy 3.0 Pro, their shareware offering in 3.0 Basic really doesn’t do the selling job very well.

So last night, I downgraded to Trillian 2.0 – and in the process, upgraded my IM experience. It isn’t crashing anymore, loads quickly, has my favorite skin, and I can view HTML profiles as they were meant to be viewed. Good stuff.

3 Responses to “Downgrading”

  1. Stickman Says:

    I revently downgraded my Synergy server. The latest version has a few quirks. I’m not sure why they were put in… and the old version worked mostly fine. So my client is running 1.2.3, which should fix some clipboard issues, and my server is running 1.2.2, which doesn’t have some window de-selecting issue. Hopefully that won’t cause problems.

  2. Adam Hays Says:

    I have Trillian Pro 3.0 and I don’t think its to bad. It does take a pretty long time to load and does use alot of ram though. I have been switching back and forth between Trillian and Gaim. I cant seem to decide wich one I like more. Trillian is nice because it has alot of customization iptions where as gaim does not. I have them both downloaded to my computer but for the past month all I have been using is Trillian. For some cool skins, check out Aikon2 and Aikon3. Those are my favorits.

  3. Bernie Zimmermann Says:

    Don’t you hate it when software gets worse?

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