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I don’t usually remember my dreams, but when I woke up today, I remembered a dream, so I thought I’d write it down here…

One part of the dream, I was in some sort of community — a complex of condos, perhaps, and I had either a friend or a family member there (either as a guest or he also lived there). We were in the living room, which was on the ground floor, and some kids from the community had come by to talk. There were three or four of them, and they were pretty nice, and we were enjoying talking to them. Then some bigger, edgier kids came by — like teenagers or something, and starting interrupting and getting in the way of the conversation and all sorts of things. Then I remember one of us saying, next time the cool kids come by, we invite them in so that the big kids don’t interrupt us.

Then after all the kids left, I noticed that I had a new message on my phone. It was a log of the phone seeing a Bluetooth device earlier in the day. The weird thing was that the phone included a small video clip of what I was doing (try on a wool hat) at the time that the Bluetooth device was discovered. I couldn’t figure out where the video was coming from, because it was clearly from outside my body and the phone (which was in my pocket). Someone, perhaps my friend/family member, or perhaps myself, then said that the video was probably coming from a tumor in my brain. We both agreed that that was just freaky.

Also odd is that I think I’ve had that Bluetooth-out-of-body-video dream before. None of the other elements were in there though last time, at least not that I remember. Also, I’ve never turned the Bluetooth in my phone on, so the dream is probably impossible. Well, I guess its impossible for a number of reasons, but there is another.

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  1. dc Says:

    that’s a weird dream

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