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Finally Finals Finished

This morning, I walked out of the CSE 341 final a little bit early. I was done. Free. It was strangely devoid of the giddiness I was expecting. I suspect that the fires of freedom were tempered by another sub par performance in too many of my classes.

On the other hand, I did finish strong — among others receiving the same grade as me in my Statistics class, I had the highest final score, by far (and, accordingly the lowest homework score). Those who got the same grade as me on the final earned grades ranging from a high of 3.9 to a low of 2.4 (me). What a difference a little bit of homework can make.

I am not one to decry the grading system. While I did not find this professor’s lectures partcularly useful, nor did I find the book a particularly good reference, grades still ultimately are very good measures of a student’s ability and willingness to conform to the system imposed by various teachers — and thereby are a very good indication of a student’s versatility, as well as decent measures of a student’s dedication and intelligence. I am not about to believe that I lack the ability, so it must be the willingness. This is something that I will work on. Mark these words.

2 Responses to “Finally Finals Finished”

  1. Daniel Marsh Says:

    Well, congrats on the doneness!

  2. Ben Says:

    Congrats and better willingness next time. :-)

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