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Finally Signed Up Part I

This morning, I was able to sign up for the first class that I actually intend to take at the University of Washington. The magic was made possible first by the wonderful Mary of the UW Chemistry Department, who cut gloriously through red tape to quickly get my Chem 111H and 112 at BYU transfered to the UW’s 142-152-162 series. The next piece of the puzzle clicked into place at 9:15am today, when the Math department officially gave me credit for UW’s Math 126, based on my experiences in BYU’s 112H and 113H along with BCC’s Math 227. Between Chem 152 and Math 126, and with a previous fix on Physics 121 (which really should’ve been right in the first place), I was finally able to enroll in Chemical Engineering – Thermodynamics (CHEM E 260). I updated my facebook entry accordingly and took a gander at a few others that are taking the course. It looks to be about evenly balanced between BioE and ChemE with a few oddball CSE and others thrown in the mix.

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