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Finished downloads, Broken sunglasses, and other happenings

Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 Finally finished downloading (two different copies!) Between the two, I was able to get it installed. The first time I ran it, it took about two hours to load (ok, two minutes) before promptly crashing. I deleted the video that seems to cause the problems, and will encode to a more stable format until XviD figures itself out.

I read an explanation of the Telecine conversion that takes place to get movies (shot at 24 frames per second) to display properly in NTSC video (29.97 fps)� Its pretty crazy the steps they go though� also makes it a pain the butt to copy DVDs (I need to do this for a legitimate purpose too). If anyone wants to give me any tips, feel free.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and cool, crisp air but warm enough from the sunlight. It was the first day I needed to wear sunglasses in a long time. So I put on my sunglasses, only to find that one of the two screws holding the lens in had fallen out. No worries, I have another identical pair of sunglasses stored in another location, which I haven�t used in a while. I pulled them out to find that they had lost the exact same screw� How does this happen? And does anyone have some black very short #2 or so hardware I could use to fix the sunglasses?

It looks like Microsoft�s Automatic Windows security update installer just froze� wouldn�t it be great if someone hacked into that, and had it install viruses on every windows machine in the world� that�s world domination right there. Oh wait, Microsoft already does that�

I turned in my photos for assignment 2 today. I feel really good about it � I also learned about painting on developer today while I was helping Amanda in the darkroom and had some fun with those effects.

I also REALLY need to finish my UW Personal Statement and submit my app. And then get all the other materials sent to the UW. That has to happen within three days now. If you see me, bug me about it. Thanks.

I�m thinking of expanding my sourceforge project, photolog, to be basically what my site it now, but with greymatter replaced and with MySQL or filesystem-as-database support. And secure it all. It would be good html, css, mysql, and php practice. And it would make my site better. I�ll let you know how that project goes. Add it on to the to-do list.

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  1. Lil Dan Says:

    would u mind posting some of ur pics that uve taken? if u could find a scanner that is…

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