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Fixing The Car

I was recently asked just what “fixing the car” entailed during the last trip. Well, it actually had nothing to do with the ladder incident. It turns out that my roomate’s car has a bit of an overheating problem. Thus:

Kunlun Observes the Engine After the overheating
Preparing the Wires We got some wires
The Fan Connector Found the fan connector
Well Stripped Stripped the wires (My Leatherman Rocks!)
Cutting the Light Cut the headlamp case…
Cut Headlamp Case To allow a wire to snake in
Plugged In Plugged the wires in to the fan
Wiring Job And taped down all the wires

So, whenever we turned the headlamps on, the fan turned on too. The result? Much less overheating. A proper radiator cap picked up at an auto parts store helped futher.

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  1. Adam Hays Says:

    That looks like fun. I love cars. Thanks for the help with my site.

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