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Four weeks ago, I landed hard on the inside part of my heel on my right foot after jumping in an attempt to catch a Frisbee (I missed it). Afterwards, my foot hurt, and got me to limping for the rest of the day. Indeed, much of the next week it continued to bother me, although I was still able to play because I could run o the ball of my right foot and it wouldn’t hurt. Two weeks later, I was becoming concerned, so I decided to see my doctor about it. An X-ray later, he said that the bones were fine – I was the proud owner of a deep bruise.

All I’ve got to say is that the bruise is really, really deep. Now four weeks later, my foot is still sore, and my mobility is still limited. I can run, but not well, and my max speed is maybe 85% of what it should be. It is my acceleration was hit the hardest. While the doctor said that playing on it shouldn’t make it last any longer, I don’t know if I should trust that assessment, considering every time I run around on it, it hurts a lot. On the other hand, sitting around is hardly an attractive option.

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