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I finally broke down and learned how to get rotating logs and web statistics working. For ease of use, I recommend cronolog and webalyzer. AWStats provided more information, but it is not fun to set up, so I put it aside for me. Webalyzer just works, and outputs the info in a nice form. Well, getting to the point, I was quite surprised by the results of the analysis. Since mid-October, 2004, sf2 has served well over 23 gigabytes of content. Thats averaging around three gigabytes a month. Thats hardcore. And thats just web content. sf2 is also a heavily used mail server, and sports a few other less-used daemons as well. In the same time, the sites powered by sf2 have seen almost 100,000 visitors viewing more than 270,000 pages, with more than 500,000 files requested, for a grand total of 760,513 hits. has been up since sometime around March, 2003. So, I imagine that in reality, the various forms that has taken have surpassed one million hits. Not too shabby for a web site that looks like this.

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  1. Dan Moretti Says:

    My bad… :-D.

    Honestly though, I have no idea what happened. I’ll recompile the old site in a new index.html for you.

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