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Greetings From Palo Alto

Tonight, Spencer drove me to Sea-Tac, I boarded a plane which took off, and then promptly returned to Sea-Tac due to a malfunctioning landing gear sensor. We changes planes, and eventually took off again about two hours late. I arrived in San Francisco after midnight, picked up a rental car and drove down to Palo Alto. Later today, I will be interviewing at Facebook. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with Cloudera. Since I am down here, I might as well check out Meebo as well.

3 Responses to “Greetings From Palo Alto”

  1. Aunt LoLo Says:

    Well, Facebook is the only one I’ve heard of…but, good luck anyhow! :-D

  2. Stickman Says:

    Meebo seems very open and awesome. If I had to work in application software I think I’d enjoy that one more than others.

  3. Alex Loddengaard Says:

    See you Friday!

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